The Walkers in the Woods

The Walker in the Woods

It was twilight when I started my walk through the woods. I was happy, twilight is such a pretty time, when it’s almost dark but you can see everything so perfectly. Better yet is when the sun tries to prove it can stay up for another hour or so and everything is really yellow, and supernatural. As I walked my well beaten path through the woods I listened to the beautiful sounds of the world. As the wind blew through the trees the leaves made a kind of melody. It sounded like a lullaby. At first I thought I was imagiating it, going crazy or something, but I relized it was real. As I listened closer I found there were lyrics to the sound. This is how it went:


Deep in the forest

Under silver dew,

We lie here waiting

For walkers like you.


We’ll sing you the song

As long as you like.

We’ll sing you to sleep

On this dark, dark night.


You’ll stumble into

Our lovely clearing,

And as you stand up

What’s that you're hearing?


We’re singing a song

To lull you to rest.

Please don’t be frightened,

We’re doing our best.


Here in our clearing,

In our forest deep,

Come and stay with us

Together we’ll sleep.


But when a walker

Comes strolling along,

We’ll wake up again

And sing them a song.


We’re walkers like you

Who were sung to sleep.

So come and join us

In our rest so deep.


I realized that I had been so preoccupied with the song I had gotten lost. I looked around, and nothing looked familiar. Panicking, I began to run, I listened in horror as the song repeated. Then I tripped, stumbled and fell. “You’ll stumble into our lovely clearing” they said. And as I looked around I realized I was in a clearing. The sound was coming from all around me, and things moved in the dark. They all stood at once, making an almost perfect circle around me. I could see some of them had scarves, and most of them had light jackets or sweaters as well. Other than the mud covering their clothes, they all looked like they were going for a walk at twilight. The circle closed around me. As they reached for me they all recited one last verse:


You’ll stay here forever

Awaken with us

Help gather other

Walkers of the woods


It will be hours or even days before anyone comes to look for me, and when they do, we’ll be waiting.

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*Shivers...* I was in class reading this, three other people recommended it, and all our reactions were the same. That last line... ehhr! Changing from I to we, as if they've become one of them, and I'll be waiting... Fantastic job, the lyrics, the description in the begining misleading and lulling the reader into a sense of security, it all was utterly thrilling! 

“You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same.”

Thank you

I'm really glad you liked it! It means a lot to know someone liked it so much! Thanks!

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You're welcome!

Correction: it wasn't just me, it was everyone else in my class who read it (which was about 4 people)! :)

“You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same.”


So after I relpyed to you that first time, I went to your profil to see what kinds of things you write, and I found Believe Me! Which I remembered reading really resently and loving it! So now I feel even more happy that you liked it. As for the other people who oved it, that scares me more than anything...

anyway, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

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This is really well done--I

This is really well done--I could picture the entire thing in my head, those lyrics do a good job of presenting the creepy 'bad guys' but also progressing the story along, because they kind of describe the scenery and explain the terror that's going on in the character's mind. If I were to make one suggestion, I'd say that you could stretch this one out and make give us a little more of the who the character is. Maybe, after the first couple of verses we could get a quick paragraph about what is going through the main character's head. Maybe at first she thinks it's in her head, and she's worried she's going a little crazy, or she's trying to convince herself it's just her mind playing tricks. Maybe you could add a couple more lines about what she's seeing and doing while she's hearing the song. You know, just kind of drop them in there in between the verses, just a sentence or two.

This piece is really cool, I think it could be more suspenseful if you kinda draaag it out. Keep up the good work!

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It's interesting to me how you said "she", as the gender of the character is never stated. As for your suggestions I respectfully disagree. I think it's even more creepy if little is known about the character, so it can be anyone. Which is also the reason that the gender is never stated. As for putting something in about going crazy, I meant to put something like that before the song, so thank you for reminding me. I didn't want to put anything in the middle of the song because I didn't want to detract from the moment. And besides it does say after the song that the character had been so preoccupied with the song that he/she wasn't thinking. I also didn't want to make it much longer because I thought it was already a good length, it's fun to let other people's imagination run your stories. I want you and the other people who read to decide what exactly happened. If it was real, or if the person was just plain crazy. If the person is dead now, or if they're still alive just brain washed, or crazy. Who the others were. Thank you for the suggestions though, I like hearing criticism from people.

Deliciously creepy!

Deliciously creepy!

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Suuuper spooky. I think this

Suuuper spooky. I think this piece will especially strike heebie-jeebies into the hearts of those who, like the protagonist, love their solitary walks through a late-afternoon wood. We can all relate to that fear of disorientation, especially owing to a flight of the imagination (it's so easy to get distracted by one's imagination when walking through a forest). There was also something delightfully American about this piece: I feel like you could get an Appalachian folk singer to set it to music beautifully.