"Get to the boat!" screams my mother.
       "No, I need to save Ben, he's still in the room!" I reply as I scramble around a table, and attempt to sprint to our room. But my mother stops me before I can bolt. Her eyes are filled with tears. She smiles that gentle smile that she only gives me when she's going to tell me bad news. My eyes widen, I cling helplessly to my mother's arm but she is stronger than me and she flings me on the last rescue boat. The lines rub against the pulley making a terrible sound as they drop us into the water. 
"No!" I scream, as my arms reach out and try to grab her. My mother watches me as tears slide down her face. The magnificent ship, moans and makes a big crack sound. I try to the slide of the boat to make another attempt to grab my mother. I reach too far though, and the last thing I remember are dark blue waves pulling me down deeper and deeper......
        I choke on the water that blocks my breathing tube. A soft hand pats my back as I try and breath. I freeze. How am I alive? I drowned right? Am I in heaven? I slowly turn my body to face the thing behind me. It's an angel. His eyes are a pure sky blue. His hair is blond and wavy. Tears come to my eyes. I laugh to myself. It's not fair. I died at 15. My mother sacrificed herself, and yet I end up in heaven.
       "You know that you're still alive right?"whispers the boy standing next to me. 
My eyes widen with surprise. I.....survived?
       "Who are you?" The boy asks.
       I answer his question with one of my blank stares. Who is this boy, did he save me? Where am I? I slowly try and place my body in a sitting position, but I wince with pain and immediately lay back down. 
      "You were hurt pretty bad when you floated to shore and a piece of wood. Your right arm was broken along with two ribs. But I've found some strong sticks to hold them in place."
I squeeze my eyes tight as I endure the pain. My long brown hair is carelessly scattered around my head. I grab the boys hand and gesture him to lift me up. He seems to get the message and lifts me up with my left arm wrapped around his neck and my broken one dangling. I look up at him. He returns me stare with with a grin. I grab a stick and carve out letters in the sand.
"Why are you helping me?"
"I've been alone for so many years now. I'm pretty sure I got abandoned here when I was 11, it's probably been five years now so I'm most likely 16. Being alone is scary, so I don't want you to experience that feeling." 
"I need water," I write.
The boy gently rotates me so I end up on his back and then he starts walking into the jungle. 
Abandoned. He was stabbed in the back. Alone for 5 years. I tighten my grip on the boys neck as he bounds troughs the forest.
"We're here he whispers."
The gushing sound of a waterfall wakes me from my slumber. The gentle voice of the wind makes me shiver. The boy sets me down on my back and walks over to the waterfall. My chest hurts from the piggy back, but I'm actually happy. He doesn't know who I am, but he still helped me. He's not bad at all, I can trust him. 
"What's your name?" The boys asks as he lifts my head and pours the water down my throat. 
I grab the nearest stick and write," What's your's?"
"My name's Ben." 
An image of my baby brother pops into head. The ship had taken him away from me, now another Ben sat in front of me.
"Ellie" I write.
We sit there for a while. Him asking the questions, while I wrote back to him. I didn't bother speaking to him because of my ribs, but he still understood me. 
"Do you have any siblings?"
"Yes, I had a  brother." I scribble in the dirt.
"What was his name?" Ben asked.
Ben didn't ask me any more questions after that. He only drew pictures in the sand. It was fun. He told me stories, jokes, and what he remembered from his life before he was abandoned. I didn't do much except watch him graceful led create each beautiful mark in the sand. My eye lids eventually became heavy. I struggled with keeping them open. 
"You're getting tired, guess it's time to go." Ben gently scoops me up in his arms. I rest my head against his shoulder, carful not move me ribs or arm. Who knew that fate would pair me up with this person? Maybe life in the jungle won't be so bad. I won't be alone on this adventure. Ben's there. He's there to help me. To protect me, and one day, I'll return the favor. I'll be by his side. 
"Thank you," I whisper as I fall into darkness.