Myth of the stars

A lonely little girl was walking along the edge of a cliff with the spray of the ocean in her face. She had always found the smell of the ocean and the cawing of the seagulls quite comforting.

Staring into space, she looked quite peaceful and calm but once she snapped out of her trance, her face settled back into the now familiar depressing lines. Her heart felt as though it would shrivel up from loneliness. It didn’t help that it was a day were all the clouds mirrored how she felt, gray, sad and gloomy. She had walked this path every day that she could remember. Even on days when the rain was so hard that it felt like someone was throwing rocks at her. But this day was different, she could feel it. It was a day that history would be made. How she could sense this, has yet to be discovered. She walked down the familiar jagged path to the delicate grains of sand. But as the girl set down her foot she noticed that none of the soothing yet so delightful aura of power traveled up her body. Something was different. The sand now felt like a prison chamber. She walked forward to seed if there was anything in the water that might have possibly caused this and suddenly she tripped on a little green shoot, a plant as the people later on would call it. As she fell she twisted gracefully and dove neatly into that water. This was the most surprising yet amazing feeling she had ever experienced and for the first time in many years she laughed. A light bell like noise. And that first laugh drifted up and up and up. It became the first of many, many stars. Stars, the twinkling, always shining droplets in the sky were created by the laugh of a lonely little girl.