The myth of Newbury

In the small town of Newbury lurks an abomination. So hideous in shape and corrupt in mind that it has never been spoken of until now. It looks like a vampire bat crossed with a mountain lion, with fangs like a killer shark.

It prowls the roads searching for unsuspecting travellers. Sometimes at night strange sounds and the barking of dogs can be heard, as the beast attacks livestock and farmers alike. Some say that it has the brains of a human but lacks a conscience or any empathy. Witnesses of this beast say that once it sees you it will never stop hunting you. Legend says that it was created by a mass-murderer who figured out a way to transfer his consciousness into various animals, and then acquire their physical attributes. The beast’s lust for blood drives it to kill all living things, but it prefers the blood of humans to satisfy its thirst.

Victims who were lucky enough to survive attacks from this beast say there are only a few ways to deter it. The first way is fire. The second way is water. For reasons unknown the beast has a terrible fear of fire and water. If people always have a source of fire or water with which to defend themselves they are safe from the beast, because It won’t attack anyone with the possession of either of those items. Despite the beasts fear of fire and water it still hasn’t been caught or killed, and it still roams the dark streets and fields of Newbury searching for its next victim.