Why Dogs and Cats Hate each Other


The mutual hate started a long time ago. Hard to believe cats and dogs were best friends. They fought battles together and ruled the earth with great pride. They controlled the birds for a long time but one bird questioned “Why do we listen to the dogs and cats.?” The other birds agreed. They realized they wouldn’t want to listen to cats and dogs the rest of their lives so they came up with a plan to:

a) Take control

b) Find a new ruler

c) Make the cats and dogs hate each other

After a while they decided that option c would be the best and easiest way to complete their task. Over the next few days, the birds would chat with the cats and dogs telling them different things that one said about the other. This drove the two apart. The birds were stupid. They had parties celebrating their victory. The cats heard them partying and talking about their triumphant victory. This made the cats furious!

To this day we don’t know why the cats didn’t right the wrongs the birds committed, but we do know why they hate birds.