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YWP's Summer of Awesomeness has begun! Summer of Stories! This week's theme: Building Characters! Daily Prompts. Prizes. Live Chats. Fame! Fortune! not really Feedback! yes really. Click Click for more 

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Yay, Pianolady!

Yay, Pianolady!

I'm not quotable. 

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please pass this comment on to a recent blog post! giving comments is as constructive as recieving them. :)

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Congratulations, Pianolady!

Congratulations, Pianolady! You deserve it!



-Lizzy Fox, Poetry Room Leader

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Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

please pass this comment on to a recent blog post! giving comments is as constructive as recieving them. :)

My School Garden

My school  has a garden.  It is big.  There are paths through the garden.  In the spring and fall fruits and veggies grow.  Before we had the garden we didn't have lots of fruits and vegetables.Now that we have the garden we have lots of fruits and veggies.  Sometimes we run around the garden in P.E.  I really like walking on the paths in the garden.  The food is better now that we have gardens.  When the school didn't have gardens the food sometimes got messed up.  Now that we have gardens the food is better.  There are lots of more fruits and veggies than before we had the garden.  There are cool flowers that pop up in the garden.  Then a bunch of people come to pick the flowers for people and teachers.  The food tastes better to.  The food isn't mashed up and old. It is new and fresh. i also like to plant seeds in the garden. It is cool to watch the plants grow day by day.  we also use the garden for activities like parties.  That is why i really like my school garden. I wish that every school has a garden!

My School Garden

CP Smith does have a garden but I think we need more flowers.  We could sit outside and play and explore the flowers and walk around.  We could have strawberries,  blueberries and more.  We could have vegetables to eat.  We could have bees to learn about.  Our school will be great with new flowers.  We could learn about different kinds of flowers. 

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Congrats, Olivia! It's

Congrats, Olivia! It's amazing to see your work out there in the big-wide-world!

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Does anybody know where

Does anybody know where Olivia went? I haven't seen her on in a long time :(

ǟռɢɛʟǟ աɛǟֆʟɛʏ♥

LIVI!! I am so proud of you!!

LIVI!! I am so proud of you!! I knew you could do it!! Love you! Awesome job my darling! 

once in a lifetime, all the stars align. 

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Anyone going to the slam

Anyone going to the slam driving through/from Rutland? 
WAHHH (crying because my parents won't drive me to Barre and I am liscense-less and I WANT TO GO SO BADLY) 

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Congrats Quella! How many

Congrats Quella! How many entries are allowed in the Middle School Writing Challenge?

“Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”