Swatted down, but not out -- by any means!

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Swatted down, but not out -- by any means!

Thanks to all of you who supported our Knight Foundation application for a news challenge grant:   Your comments were, frankly, worth the whole process. They meant a great deal to all of us at the YWP Intergalactic HQ Cave.

Unfortunately, we weren't selected. Dang. That would have been, as they say in baseball circles, a homerun for our plans to turn this site into an Island of Awesomeness.

But we will push on and find new frontiers to challenge. YWP is bound and determined to get the money, expertise and partners it needs to transform what already is a fantastic community into something even better.

In the meantime, we will continue to offer you a lot of energy, ideas, challenges, workshops, support and humor on this site. AND you will do the same!

And continue the conversation here about YWP's future. Some areas to talk about:

  1. Your experience here. Why do you post...what kind of support do you get... what kind of connections have you made...what's it like to get published or highlighted? How have YOU changed since joining the site?
  2. Talk about this site's civility ... contrast it, perhaps, to school. ... why is the site civil? why is civility important in your being willing to be open or take chances with your ideas?
  3. What would you like to see available at this community? What is it missing that you wish we had ... people from elsewhere? kids with different backgrounds and views and experience? ... more mentors? ... cooler look?
  4. Contrast what happens here with what happens in school... Like access to the Internet, ability to freely visit and express, etc. .. 


GG & Crew



FYI on YWP's plans...

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A couple of you have asked... Our hope is to take this site national but we would maintain a Vermont affinity group, continue to take in submissions for publication in Vermont media and work with selected schools. Our aim is to connect you with the world...

We'll remain as accessible as ever.

And go to the proposal by Tuesday at 5 p.m. to register your comments and applause... tinyurl.com/kurw537



geoff gevalt

ywp farmhand & general instigator


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why won't it let me comment or applaud unless i sign into facebook? :'( I have facebook but I'm in school untill 5 for after school program and there are a lot of fire walls set up against facebook... so it won't let me sign in to comment or applaud! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?


Thanks for emailing us… pompadora

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So the fact that you and others could not get to post comments or applause on the site shows the silliness of schools blocking sites.


geoff gevalt

ywp farmhand & general instigator

Just left a (really long)

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Just left a (really long) comment for you guys! Hope the grant works out!

- Ciel  (YWP Uber-User/Mentor: ask me anything!)

“As long as we don't die, this is gonna be one hell of a story.” 


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Thanks for the great comment and APPLAUD on our application. Very interesting comment, I might add; I had no idea. 

cheers to you. Hope your news these days has been good.


geoff gevalt

ywp farmhand & general instigator

As I said on the Knight Foundation app...

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We are all so heartened by your stories and support. Thank you.

And if you haven't added your voice yet to our Knight Foundation application, please do. We are up against stiff competition. And your help is needed to convince funders that THIS community, if taken national, would change the nature of Internet communication and expression -- It would SHOW the world how to communicate with civility and respect.

And it will show how important this is to help nurture the next generation of writers and innovators.

So join the discussion... and post this link --   -- on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, whatever... get the word out. Let's get some new voices on the application comments!



geoff gevalt

ywp farmhand & general instigator

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