You know what stresses me out the most? A test, when I can’t even answer the first question. Deep down, I know that the questions will gradually get harder and the fact that I can't even answer the first question just mentally breaks me down. A little voice in my head just goes, looks like you’re gonna fail this test; don’t you wish you prepared more? But the fact is, I did prepare, and this question probably just took me by surprise. I mean, I’ve been through enough stress already worrying about this test and not being able to answer the very first question just adds to the stressfulness of a test. I probably studied my butt off for this test; late night studying and all that, but yet, I’m not able to answer this simple first question. It’s almost always a simple question, and the answer just slipped out of your mind. The answer is somewhere in my brain, but I just can’t locate it. I always feel so stupid, and what makes it worse is when the first question is the date.

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Great piece! I didn't expect

Great piece! I didn't expect that last line. I feel like everyone can relate to this--seriously. At the beginning I relate to that feeling of, "this is only gonna get worse..." and then at the end, even though I laughed, I know exactly what you mean!

Keep up the good work!

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