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Where do you go when there’s no place to go?

Up down backwards or forwards?

The direction I do not know,

I do not know where to go towards,

“Go with the knights with blades of steel,

or with the happy man who’s giving his spiel”

Happy or angry or delighted or glad,

or are you just simply mad!

What to do about nothing at all!

Or is that the name of a play?

“What to do about the blissful crows call?”

“You should try to keep it at bay!”

Cynical men is what they are,

dancing with cold laughter I watch from afar.

Madness is sanity the basis of thought

the ship is sailing the lines are taut

Alone in my mind with just me and it

in this dark hellish abyss of a pit.

They’re going to get me now I know,

and where do you go when there’s no place to go.

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What amazing writing! I

What amazing writing! I really enjoyed this poem, I kept reasing it over and over again well done. The first two lines really captured my attention. Keep up the great work.