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To the group that made an attempt to splinter my spirit and fracture my will,


The popular divas of my generation must be rather dense. As you think that I, a humble nerd, would be so easy prey to break. How unrealistic. Gather all of your “friends” and gang up on one person: A girl without a spot on a bus that unknowingly took your spot. She didn’t know the rules yet. She didn’t get the chance. She was attacked daily before anyone could step in. You kept yourself hidden, away from the teachers that could impact your future, away from the few friends I had managed to make who might have helped me.  But no, I wouldn’t be broken.

Why wouldn’t I accept it? Why was I different from everyone else your group had ganged up on? Why didn’t I shatter? I understand your confusion. You have more power. You have more, as you call them, “friends.” I had next to nothing. So why did I fight it? The truth is, at the time I didn’t know. I still was trying to figure out how the world worked, and why it was so unfair. I still believed the lies they told us in elementary. I was bewildered at the fact that the school did nothing to help. The only thing I could do fight. Every time you knocked me down, I had to get back up. I kept my head and thought logically. How many friends do you really have? How many of your friends would cast you out if you wore the wrong shoes?

You tried to break me, but I became stronger because of it. I learned the truth that the world isn’t fair, and I accepted it. My fellow nerds wouldn’t sell me out to get a date. My friendships were real. The humble nerd is stronger than you think. We rule the world. We are the doctors, the engineers, the lawyers; we are the people that are needed in the world. We learn early on, that if you find enemies, you’re going in the right direction.



That nerd you bullied on the bus.


This is really great and really relateable. The experience of bullying is far too common and the world needs more heroes to stand up to it. I think that you should extend this, give more examples and show the bully why you are the stronger person, the leader with true friends. Your prose is eloquent and I think it could have a large influence on others who may read it. Not everyone is able to stand up for themselves and many people don't stand up for others. Is there anyway you can turn the bullies into kinder people? 

Keep up the good work! I would love to read more of this letter! 

UVM mentor.