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Publishing best work

We believe there are three big things that make this community unique: Daily challenges to get you going, peer AND mentor/expert feedback, and the opportunity to publish your best work to external audiences. Of course you immediately receive an audience: fellow writers and mentors and a team of editors looking for the best work to publish. But we also publish your best work in an array of publications. While we began with Vermont youth only -- and continue to publish VT youth work in local newspapers and websites such as,, we offer all youths from anywhere the opportunity to be in our showcase digital magazine, The Voice, and in our magazine, The Crow, on

How to join the site:
  • Go to LOGIN/JOIN, in the upper right. Choose a username. (Make sure you like it because you'll be seeing it a lot! DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME.) Fill out, accurately, the rest of the information. (We do NOT share this information; we need it to ensure that members ARE real youths or adult artists, mentors or educators we know.) You'll receive an email IN A DAY OR SO notifying you that you've been approved.
  • If you're under 13, click here for a parental permission form.
How to submit:
  • Now that you have an account, log in, double click the WRITE menu link on top of the page or click the "create a blog post" link in the drop-down menu. 
    • On your blog post, give the piece a title and category (red asterisk marks these required fields).
    • Click the ADD MEDIA link to add images or gifs, audio (you can record right there if you want), video or embed code for a video parked elsewhere like YouTube or Vimeo.
    • Write directly in the body or paste in text. In the challenge box, top right, type in the challenge you're writing to -- it will appear as you type; select it. Or if you're going freestyle and not writing to a challenge, ignore the box.
    • The body includes an editing toolbar to change text or include images/sound within the text.
    • Scroll to bottom to save; you have options below the SAVE button to choose NO to having that piece published or, if you are a teacher, to type the author's name (it will not be seen by anyone other than YWP staff and you).
    • You can also choose HIDE CONTENT to make the post only visible to logged-in community members.
  • You can also submit by going directly to the Challenges or Weekly Challenges pages under the EXPLORE tab. Select a challenge, click the write button under the challenge description, and a blog post form pops up, including the name of the challenge. You'll see other responses here -- if not, be the first! You can also click on the challenge headline to see all responses to the prompt.
  • Along with the weekly, scheduled challenges, a new challenge will appear on the home page (and elsewhere on the site) every day, so there's always something to write about. Click the Daily Challenges title to see the full collection of challenges. Click the WRITE button just below any of those challenges, to get started. (The challenges are only intended to help you get started. Feel free to post anything, anytime by creating a blog post.)
  • Remember to SAVE!
  • You and your fellow writers and artists can share your feedback -- or Comments -- to each other's work. Go to the comment widget beside each post to share your thoughts about the piece and you can even engage in a conversation. 
  • The more you give to others on the site, the more you will receive. Feedback -- the giving and receiving of comments -- is a BIG part of the YWP community. And remember to keep your comments civil and specific. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED by email when you receive a comment.
What happens next?
  • Your piece will be read by many. It will first appear in the RECENT stream. A team of staff, YWP community leaders and/or mentors tries to review every piece of writing and art that is submitted to
  • Work that is "loved" (click on “love this,” lower right corner of blog posts) has a quicker path to publication. And if certain Community Leaders love a piece, it is elevated to the Recommended list. Staff and mentors cull this list daily for the best pieces for publication. Also, check out the Daily Reads, what's been published with our various media partners (see the list below) -- and specifically what made it into YWP's showcase, our monthly digital magazine, The Voice.
  • New and exciting: Annotations! YWP editors, Community Leaders and mentors will annotate or provide specific comments within the body of your work  -- a conversation that is visible only by you and the YWP team. Annotations are a way to help you make specific improvements on your pieces that the YWP team thinks have potential for publication or presentation (slams) and helps you see what the real-life editing process is like.
  • You will be notified by email if your work is being considered for publication, and once any needed revisions are made, the piece will move to the Editors Room where the editing team takes a final look before the last  and most exciting step: Publication!  (Read and hear what YWP writers say about being published.)
Where Young Writers Project publishes:

First stop: Just create an account and get started. If you're under 13, fill out a parental permission form.

The Voice
Our monthly, digital showcase of the best writing, sound, video and art from members of YWP staff and Community Leaders select a Writer of the Month, offer insight on why a piece was chosen, give writing tips and more. Click to go to the most recent Voice and the archive.
Click here to learn more about The Voice.

Most every year, Young Writers Project collects and publishes the top writing and art that is submitted to to create a beautiful book.
Then we have a big celebration to honor the published authors and artists.

Valued websites ... Young Writers Project is a strong supporter of publishing in as many places as possible.
We have a YWP magazine, The Crow, on, where we send an exceptional piece of writing each week.

For Vermont and New Hampshire youths:

The Newspaper Series
YWP has a page of writing in newspapers around Vermont, including a weekly page in the Burlington Free Press and the Valley News,
and monthly pages in the Rutland Herald, Times Argus, St. Albans Messenger, Brattleboro Reformer, Bradford Journal Opinion and Charlotte News, as well as the Rutland Reader and Times Argus Extra.

VPR and
Each week, a YWP writer is featured on Vermont Public Radio and, a Vermont news web site.
Text and audio of the piece and a photo of the writer appears on and
VPR also announces the Young Writers Project writer of the week, usually in the morning and evening drive times.

RETN (Regional Educational Television Network)