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About Six-Word Stories

Aug 20

Yes, yes YES! The dream page. 
I'd call it the popcorn page
(You can't eat just one kernel!).
Write. A. Story. In. Six. Words.
Yes, it's as simple as that!

Almost. We suggest using these gems,
in larger projects of creative glee,
(and oh how we love glee)
like dialogue in a larger piece,
or a poem like this one.

Whatever you do with this page
have fun, have fun, have fun.
Which is not a bad idea
for anything you want to do
because having fun sure beats not.
rowans stories are very very wierd
Ball bounces heart pounces dunk comes
I am watching the inauguration
i said seagals, stop it now
money is evil war is unnecessary
the frog jumped on a log
all the seagulls just kept runing
the big fat cloud pooped money
have the eye of the tiger