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The story of cliffjumper. He was a very brave soldier. Joking, tough, powerful, he was a good autobot. One day he goes on another patrol with arcee. He thinks it’s just another day, until he finds,” a whole lotta energon.” A dark shadow looms over alt mode cliffjumper. He then realizes,” decepticons!” Arcee asks if he needs backup. Cliffjumper being cocky refuses the backup, until he sees how many vehicons are about to attack him. Cliffjumper tries to punch his way through the situation. The vehicons soon gain the upper hand and one gets a good hit on cliffjumper’s head. His horn is knocked off and cliffjumper is driven back. Cliffjumper decides to use his guns instead. He manages to shoot down a vehicon and the other vehicons fire back. Cliffjumper is dodging out of the way of the blasts when a vehicon shoots the energon. The energon blows up and takes out all but 2 vehicons. They carry cliffjumper to the ship. When starscream sees cliffjumper he knows what to do. He impaled Him.
09/14/2018 - 6:49pm