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I love the way you have no idea how much I love you.
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How can someone catch just a glimpse of someone else and form speculations about their character? In my experience, "first impressions" and "bad vibes" are frivolous, and you can only truly dislike someone after you have known them for a long time.
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foliage is a word that reminds me of broccoli and a card game I used to play with my grandmother.
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many people write about blood sweat tears but no one ever talks about wanting that feeling needing that feeling and not doing cardio activities
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when I was younger I'd write long, descriptive pieces and call them poems. Everyone asked me what I was writing called me a poet and that made me proud. then I heard my teachers talk, describe a poem to seven year olds call my poems 'stories' the nerve! but I thought they were right I read rhyming poetry short poetry poetry not like me. then I came to ywp and other writers gave me hope
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it makes me very happy, the small glances we share while neither of us is aware that we're staring.
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Don't give me that pitiful look.
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A county fair oxen pull. She had a slender build, maybe 16 years old; she led, her father behind to hook the yoke line to the sled. She struggled -- nervousness, then embarrassment -- to get the team to mind. She swatted, yelled, pushed; the oxen grew annoyed. Suddenly: "I KNOW, DAD," she yelled. The 3rd time they pulled the distance. Outside the ring, father, softly: "You have to get them to want to pull." She withdrew before the next round.
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Everyone is always so serious in tiny writes. so this one is going to be weird, and I'm not going to care about the spelling. Here are some words that I like: soar bubble anemone (that one's just fun to say) It's annoying that people make pretty or handsome characters in books and movies, and then turn right back on themselves and try to make smart and good people look good too, and then they do it all over again. It's like a tide of commercialism, but I can't figure out what the moon controlling it is.
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The easiest way Is to sound like everyone else Everyone says this But I still think it's true.