Aug 02

Can you help?

Young Writers Project depends on generosity and donations to keep our work going. WE NEED YOUR HELP!  

Your donation goes directly to:
  • This community: a safe, non-judgmental online space with feedback and encouragement open to young writers and artists all over the world;
  • Learning programs: 
    • Free online workshops that help you grow, explore, have fun;
    • School and after-school residencies and special events, workshops and open mics;
    • The Schools Project, an inexpensive, supported digital platform in classrooms for students to practice writing and have fun; and live (often video-streamed) workshops; and 
  • Publications: The VoiceYWP's monthly digital showcase, and the YWP Anthology, an annual printed book; as well as weekly/monthly publication with media partners. 

Young Writers Project (YWP) is a 501c3 nonprofit and therefore any donation is tax deductible. Recurring monthly donations are saintly. Checks are awesome. Or donations may be made RIGHT NOW and securely through:  





Donations by CHECK may be sent to:
Young Writers Project
47 Maple Street, Suite 216 
Burlington VT 05401

To learn more about YWP:

Or contact Susan Reid, Executive Director, [email protected]; (802) 324-9538

T H A N K   Y O U !