Are you accepted?

By Drew Dudley
Chelsea Public School, Grade 12

Is being accepted all that big of a deal? Do people really need to have other people around them? I know that I love having my friends with me; they're like family that I don't need to go home with. I can call them up in tears in the morning before I go to school and know that later that night I'll be with them to help me feel better. I guess I feel accepted with my friends; I feel that I can be the person I am.

Acceptance Can be a Bumpy Road

By Jordan Priar
Chelsea Public School, Grade 12

Acceptance: the most common desire of almost every student, worker or independent person. Some of us dress a certain way, others say certain things. One way or another we're all doing something to be accepted by someone. It's not always a bad thing to be accepted, but are you doing it for the right reasons?

The day was a bright and brilliant Saturday, full of birds chirping in the warm summer breezes and rays of light illuminating the hillsides of the surrounding mountains. I was just reaching the end of a small, wooded path that led to the top of one of the surrounding tree-lined hills. Pushing my bike to the edge of the hill, I looked down to see my "friends" at the bottom, cheering me on. I had recently decided that my best way of making more friends would be to do something crazy and daring, like biking down a wicked steep tree-filled hill with inevitable carnage at the end.

April 1

By Mark Cheng
Spaulding High School, Grade 12

April first is a really funny and interesting day. When I was at school in China, students usually would make jokes with their friends and teachers. Like one of my friends told me that my math teacher wanted to see me after school. The school meetings usually take one hour; I waited at his office but no one came! On the next day, I knew that it had not been true, that no teacher had meetings the day before.

Another thing that happened was one of our teachers told us that there would be a leader coming later to check our classroom. So everyone worked hard to clean the classroom and get it ready for the check, but nobody came. We laughed together and enjoyed working.

I think April Fools' Day is a funny day for everyone.

Taoism, Hinduism, Journalism

By Melissa Soule
Leland and Gray Union High School, Grade 10

There was once a time I could look into your eyes
Sink in them
And watch the shifting waves of thought fade to text
Pirouetting in giddy scriptures as I read your private newspaper until my eyes were sore.
You let me walk right in; we felt so content.

Like a quaint cafe
Yellow, of course, with the autumn theme the leaf-peepers expect
They're in and out, charging through life on caffeine and blind ambition
While we sit and talk
The cinnamon waves of laughter ringing like bells on the door.

Dave's April 1

By Haley Harder
Renaissance School, Grade 5

Dave woke up to the beeping of his alarm clock. He pressed the snooze button and then looked at the time. 4:30! There were only two holidays that he set the alarm for 4:30. Christmas and April Fools’ Day. He knew it wasn't Christmas, so it must be April Fools’ Day! Time to wake up Greg, he thought.
Greg was Dave’s 14 year old brother. Greg thought April Fools’ Day was for 11-year-old boys like Dave, but Dave knew that Greg really did like pulling pranks on his mom and dad....and Dave. He crept quietly into Greg's room with whipped cream and a feather. He put whipped cream onto Greg's right hand, then he ticked his face with the feather. Greg lifted his hand to scratch his face.
He grimaced and said, "DAVE!"

April Fools

By Chester Barber
Renaissance School, Grade 5

On April Fools
There are no rules.
Kids put chairs in the pools,
And when they go to school,
They put tacks on each other's stools.
All day, they'll be pushin'
On that whoopee cushion
So who knows who'll
Be the fool.
April Fools!

April Fools' backfires

By Zachary Falls
Albert D Lawton, Grade 7

Last April fools I thought for sure I had the best trick in the books. Our sink has a hose attached to it, so if you turn on the faucet, you can hold down a trigger to use the hose. I wrapped a rubber band around the trigger. If anyone used the faucet, they would get a rinse in the chest instead. I thought I was as clever as a detective.

April 1st was a Saturday that year, and we had to go to our 4 o’clock mass. When we got back, I had completely forgotten about what I had set for a trap. I went to turn the faucet on to get a glass of water, and, instead, I got a jet stream of water to my stomach. It was bittersweet. I was happy my plan had worked, but unhappy that I was the victim. I guess what I’m saying is, when you set an April fools joke this year, make sure you’re not the victim!

More fools

By Arthur Kreis
Spaulding High School, Grade 10

A day people commonly fear
What a wonderful time of year

A day that rains buckets of water
And earth worms crawl in your fodder

A day people pull pranks
In hope their joke will rank

Half Open Eyes

All the words that people have said,

Running around inside my head.

Fag, stupid, retard, STOP.

Accept me even if I don’t fit your world,

Please be quiet or speak kind words.

When you call me loser,

See yourself through my half open eyes,

And when you step on my broken hands,

Feel my knuckles crunch under your tongue.

I will fight no more but only with silence,

Until you realize that life is just a disguise,

April fools!

By Sophie Hale
Spaulding High School, Grade 9

In third grade, one morning we walked into school. “Okay class, clear your desks, we are going to take a test,” Mrs. Pierce said. She handed it out, and I glanced over at my friends, confused to as what were supposed to do. It was telling me in step one to stand on my desk and squack like a chicken. I thought what the heck, and decided I would do it anyway. Everybody was laughing and the few kids that were smart enough to actually follow the directions sat there snickering, but at the time, I thought they were just too much of losers to actually do it, so we all called them party poopers, and continued doing what we were doing. So there I was climbing up on top of my desk, flapping my wings making these strange noises that were supposed to be sounding like a chicken.

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