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GMBA Book Awards and Forum 2009/2010

Green Mountain Book Award Master List 2009-2010

This is the fifth year of the Green Mountain Book Award, a reader's choice award for students in grades 9-12. Co-sponsored by the Vermont School Library Association, Vermont Library Association and the Vermont Department of Libraries, this program is designed to introduce to high school students some excellent books for their pleasure reading. To participate in blogs about the books, click this sentence for link. (This takes you to an external site.)

These books, to be read during the 2009-2010 school year, comprise the master list for the award to be made in 2010. Voting forms will be made available to all Vermont schools and public libraries in the spring so that young adults can vote for their favorite book. The master list titles have been selected to satisfy the reading interests of young adults in grades 9-12, and include both adult and young adult books. All books on the list were first published in 2004-2008 and are available in paperback.

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GMBA Book forums -- 2008/09

In the last few years, Young Writers Project has devoted time and space to the discussion of books and has partnered with the Vermont librarians who select books for the annual Green Mountain Book Award.

In 2009/10, GMBA has created it's own blogs for this year's book finalists. For more, click here.

We have decided to keep the forums from previous years books active, because, of course, the books selected remain available and are terrific reads. Click here for previous year's Green Mountain Book Award forums. For more about the GMBA project and previous year's books, CLICK HERE.

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GMBA Finalists -- 08/09

This is the list of finalists, with links for more info, for the 2009 Green Mountain Book Award, which was won by Ellen Hopkins, for her book Crank.

To see more about the 2009/10 finalists, click here. And to participate in a blog about the 2009/10 blogs, click here

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GMBA -- Forum guidelines

In 2008/09 The Young Writers Project partnered with the Green Mountain Book Award Committee to create a live review/discussion group for the GMBA selections for 2008/09 and to assist in the selection of the GMBA winner.

GMBA has set up its own blogs for the 2009/10 finalists; click here to access that blog.

If you wish to read previous years' finalist books and revive the forums here, have at it. Those forums can be accessed through the YWP Book Forum links on the list of books or by clicking here: Green Mountain Book Award Forums.

We have several ways for you to learn more about each book. First, we have a thorough list of the 2007-08 GMBA books with summaries, links to authors, publishers, individual forums and more.

YWP has a simple set of suggestions for these forums:

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GMBA 2008/09 Study Guides

The Green Mountain Book Award Committee has put together comprehensive study guides for each of the books selected for the 2008/09 GMBA. You can download the full set of these guides by clicking here.

Or you can go to the master list of books and click on the individual study guides for each book.

For this year's books and a blog, click here. (external site)

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