Frances C. Richmond Middle School

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No Light at the End of This Tunnel

Adriana:          I stand before the door, considering my options.

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piece by piece I lay them on the table,

random shapes with no correlation,

but somehow all fit together

like magic, black magic, impossible magic

but in a way still real,

realer than most things we do


piece by piece I lay them on the table,

inspecting each shape for matches

shapes that fit and colors that flow

like a puzzle inside a puzzle

you have to look at the whole picture

to see the smaller pieces fit 


piece by piece I lay them on the table,

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Traveling through space on an atomic train is tiring. Especially if you don’t ride first class, but even they don’t get pillows. We third class folks barely get fed, and it’s basically bread mash and an Earthian apple.

The Love That Never Ends

Samantha Cuttings and Joe Stanford share a deep secret.


Samantha Cuttings is in the hospital, claiming she has a broken arm. She has been going to this one Radiologic Technologist, Joe Stanford.

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The Girl Next Door

They are five. They are neighbors. Their names are Zofia and Alice. Zofia is exactly five days the elder, and has just immigrated from Poland with her parents. The very first day she moves into her new home, the girl next door comes over and wants to play.

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i CAN write

i CAN write

and you CAN'T

take that 

away from me

or tell me i'm wrong,

because i KNOW 

that i'm right

and you are NOT


i CAN write and

i WILL write

and you WON'T 

try to change

that about me

like how you've 

tried to change

everything about me

i CAN write and 

i WILL write

and i WON'T stop

because you want me to

i am a writer

and i am myself

and you CAN'T

tell me i'm not


i CAN write

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I don't

I don't wish

to be perfect

(there's no

such thing)

because who I am 

is good enough

for me

I don't want

to be famous

(people already know

too much about me)

and having everyone

know your name

is overrated

I don't aspire

to be beautiful

(no one 

really is)

because when I look

in a mirror,

I don't want to see flaws

I don't hope

to find the perfect guy

(I know there's

no such thing)

because when you're

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Thoughts from an Eraser

I am a vital

Piece of society.

I erase your mistakes

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Love Poem to Sock

O! fair sock, 

shall I compose thee ballads

devoted to thine beauty

and whisper fair words

of truthes into thine ears.

For you are my heart,

my heart beats strong,

beats strong for you. 

I cannot express

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