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Pamphlet: A Beginner's Guide to Being Human


A Beginner's Guide to Being Human

The Secret


I was riding on a bus to town to watch a movie when the bullies got on the bus. They were taunting me. They were laughing at how my mother still packed me lunches (even though I was an adult), which was NOT true, when I got mad at them. I yelled and attacked them. They were a lot stronger than me, though, and outnumbered me five to one, so they could easily have beaten me, and they did.

HIdden Population


The Crystal Ball


It was a dark, gloomy night, where mystery was thick in the air

Summer Solstice

These sounds remind me of peepers in the early summer. It makes me think of chirping birds, and animals that are coming out of their daytime hiding places. I picture the stars slowly emerging dimly in the darkening sky. I imagine that I am listening to a flock of geese fly overhead.

The Hidden People

There are a people here, very few know of them. The hidden people, shadow walkers some call them, others call them gliders. They are quiet and secretive, and very beautiful. If you ever see one you might stand still in awe. They have skin that is the color of gold, silver, and ebony and when they move it shimmers and changes.

The Ship


As we are drifting through space, I see this floating orb.


“Excuse me ma’am, are you lost?” The high pitched voice came out of the darkness.

What I Would Do Grace Davis

What I Would Do

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