Thetford Academy

I’m sorry...I’m so sorry

It was a nice Saturday morning.  Except for the thought that I had to go to the hospital to get a PET scan.  At age 9, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma: bone cancer.  Now I was 11.  It had attacked my leg, but I had survived without amputation. Read more »


Listening Skills

I lost my homework. Read more »


A Summer's Hike

A Summer’s Hike Read more »



People tell me I’m good at writing Read more »



15: Hey guys, what should we talk about.  Oh, we could talk about my crazy life. Read more »


Kale turns you green

Did you know that if you eat too much kale your skin turns green? Scientists found that out when a boy in Virginia turned green after eating only kale all day. Luckily, the boy did not stay green for long. The scientists then did more research on kale and found out that the mineral phosphorus was turning people green. The effects of the kale don’t last more than a week. Read more »

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