Thetford Academy

Thank you


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There are so many different things that are on our devices 

there is netflix, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and many more

the question is; is it a crisis? 

having so many social media sites

our parents think that we are so blind 

being "glued" to our phones 

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New Room





I feel the cold air

The crunch of leaves on the ground

Fall is beautiful


A leaf's point of view

I am just hanging here, on my maple tree. I am turning colors like any other leaf on a tree this time of year. I wish something exciting would happen to me, a leaf, but nothing ever does. Until………………..

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Day in a Life of a Leaf

I opened my eyes and I looked around and saw all six mountains near Thetford Academy. My home is in a nice maple tree. I looked to my buddy next to me, he was turning orange. I looked to see if I was changing colors, but I was still green with just a bit of yellow on my tips. I saw Mr.Bugg walk to the white building. I also saw some other teachers walking to their classroom to start the day. Read more »


Five Second Chances

You are my friend. My best friend, in fact. I am yours, so you say. These are the things I think to myself when I’m sitting alone waiting for you to walk out the door and sit with me to talk for a few hours about nothing. I will not remember this conversation, but I will remember you. Read more »


A leaf called Sprout

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