Thetford Academy



That’s what everyone thought it was.




In the dark, I see a glow, a blue glow

Safe Place

A safe place for me is a location where there are people I trust. I feel sheltered  at church because there is so much serenity and joy there. Everytime I go, I experience calmness and peacefulness. When I attend Sunday’s service and I listen to the choir sing, it brings harmony to my spirit and mind.

Life of Unjust

  In my sixteen years of life I’ve noticed many things that are unjust. Minor things, though. Like, “Oh why didn’t that kid get the toy first?” or, “That dude cut in line, no fair”. And throughout my sixteen years of life, I haven’t experienced many things first hand that are unjust. Until this year.

Safe Place

When it’s cold, in winter I feel safest in my house. Why? Because it is warm and familiar, and it is a protective wall around me from everything scary outside. I feel particularly safe in my house when I have a lot of clothes on. Clothes comfort me because they are warm; our wood stove also adds a warm, safe feeling. If it is daytime outside and I can see what is going on, I feel safer.

The Place I feel Safe

A place I feel safe is in a corner near our huge family couch on the ground.  The little place is right between the coffee table and the couch because I sit in on the carpet with my back leaning against the couch.  The reason I feel safe in this spot is because it’s cozy and tight, but not too tight.  I usually cuddle with my dogs in this little space.

Safe at my house

I feel most safe when I’m at my house. A reason I feel safe in my house is because there are a lot of cats and dogs in my house. I love my pets because I know if there were an intruder, the dogs would protect me.



The Valley of Fog

Fog engulfs the lonely hills,

Bed/Safe Haven

I feel safest in bed. It's a small, rather cramped area, but that’s the whole reason why it feels so safe! In your bed, you control everything, from the position of the blankets to the softness of the pillows. When you think someone or something is out there to get you, you just hide under your blankets, and you feel safe.

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