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Pay Attention to Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest

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The Gates

People say it gets better at the gate

The golden gate

The gate is 100 stories high

No way over

Monsters wait under the gates

No way under

The only way to get through

Is to find the  gate key

It holds hopes


Futures untold

It holds the happiest times you've ever had

But this key is not easily obtained

It lies behind the golden bars


To obtain the key you have to dream

Dream of your future

Dream of what you want to do

And make those dreams

Come true

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Dear crush,

His smile lights up a room

And his eyes are as bright as stars

Whenever we see each other he smiles at me

For 1, 2, 3, seconds I feel so important to him.

Then he looks away

Just in time so he doesn't see me blush

Our hugs are tight and warm 

He never seems to notice

My heart beating faster or

My breath cutting short

Love does funny things to you

They make his hugs last longer

And his smiles brighter

When he brings his camera and takes pictures of me

I always claim to be too ugly

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If you tell me you'll love me forever

I may not believe you.

Forever is a long time. 

I can't see how someone amazing as you

could love someone like me.

I want to believe you will love only me.

But I don't want to stop you

From loving someone better

than me.

If we do get together

I dream we would share:

some romance,

some happiness,

some sad times,

and well maybe some anger too.

But we both know it won't last


When you tell me you'll never forget me

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Take a glass bowl. Now drop it. It is broken on the floor. Tell the bowl you're sorry and do whatever you can for it glue it back together and treat it gently. From the outside you see nicks and cracks, yet it still manages to hold together. After awhile you grow tired of the bowl and decided to buy a new one leaving the cracked one on the shelf alone and gathering dust. It has a front row seat watching you cherish the new bowl taking good care of it and treating it gently. You no longer have a habit of throwing things in anger. The new bowl is safe.

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Tough on the 

A glass mirror on the inside

Smiles that go on for miles

Laughter in the air

 Stinging words find their home


Tough on outside

Cracked on the inside

Smiles still there, but not for long

Laughter is kept in a box and rarely opened

Those words come flying in  hitting the glass

Until your view on yourself is distorted


Tough on the outside

Breaking in the inside

Can you see how those words hurt?

Can you feel the pain?

In Love With All Things Poison

It wasn't long ago,

while in her garden bed

I picked a poison rose

that soon would have me dead.

I couldn't help but pluck it

from black soil where it fell.

I knew that if I touched it, 

it would be my blood to spill.

Its crimson petals so devine,

it was to my allure.

But for the poisons in its roots

I didn't know a cure.

So toxins flowed into my skin

where thorns had dug in deep.

And this contaminated cocktail

did make me fall asleep,

When I awoke, in black and white,

Alien Aunt

William Anderson

Mr. Deffner

The Stranger

I’m walking down the road and suddenly I see him.  He doesn’t see me. I recognize this man as the one they call Sir Shadow, the old man who lives in the House of Mysteries. He is wearing a long grey coat and tall black boots. I slink along behind him hoping I won’t get noticed. The cold wind blows in my face as I wrap my scarf tighter around my face.

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