Apr 10

The Girl at the Window

There she is, in all her glory
Looking down into the street
Roses in her honey hair
Like honey, she is sweet
Stop and wonder, stand a while
'Til the sun leaves the day
Lift your head, and call her name
But she laughs and turns away
Wearing white, a silken gown
With lips as red as wine
You turn to go, she calls to you
"Come back and stay sometime!"
Apr 09


Smile, wider.
Close my eyes.
Second guess my next words.
Think again.
Say something.
Bite tongue.
Watch reaction.
Laugh along.
Second guess.
Wonder why.
Bite tougue.
Speak anyways.
Watch varied reactions.
Play along.
Feel out of place.
Remain quiet.
Close my eyes.
Snappy one-liner.
Maybe it's fake.
"Does anyone else feel this?"
Mar 22

sorry, so sorry

i wish to reconcile with myself 
stand in the mirror
reach forward and shake away the blight that has settled upon my bones 
so i wish to say

i’m sorry, so sorry 
for the desolation i have inflicted upon myself 
which carried over
sometimes, beyond repair
to other aspects
i’m sorry, so sorry
for the brine that seems to permanently reside on my cheeks 
and the shadows that creep beneath my eyes 
and the skin that is no longer an even ivory hue. 

i wish to reconcile with those around me
i wish to say

i’m sorry, so sorry
that reconciliation is even necessary 
for the pain that rests deep in my marrow
that runs through my veins
cannot be scraped out so easily
as it has made a home within my body
and sometimes 
it will creep past my lips 
or fingertips 
and find a second one
and for that 
i cannot forgive myself
Mar 17
Icarus Blackmore's picture

When the Youth Speak

When the youth speak,
We become deaf.
When the youth speak,
We throw away their words.
When the youth speak,
We become blind.
When the youth speak,
We no longer see change
In a good light.

When the youth speak,
They make music the likes of which
Have never been heard before.
When the youth speak,
They save what matters most.
When the youth speak,
They open our eyes.
When the youth speak,
Change happens.
Mar 09


Be brave.
She whispers in my ear,
late at night,
in the dimmed light of my room.

Be brave.
He says before I line
up to race,
for what could be the last of the season.

Be brave.
They shout up
to me, when I can't
go any further.

But what if I can't be brave?
What then?

Be brave.
I say to myself.

Be brave.
Feb 28

Thank YOU

My first poem.
"Like a Girl."
Scribbled in one of my notebooks.
I checked with my friends at school.
I wasn't sure if it was good,
or if they wanted to make me feel good.
But they said,
"Wow. That's cool!"

I got a Young Writers account soon after.
And I posted this piece,
along with a few others.
"Like a Girl"
was hearted three times.
By my three friends.
In my town.

But there was a growing sense of

I kept growing on my collection of pieces.
Whatever I felt,
I wrote.
And whatever I wrote,
you read it.
you maybe found
something you could relate with.
And you hearted it.
Or you didn't.
But that's okay with me.

Whatever advice.
I welcomed it all.
I only wanted to get better.

And I think I did.

That's why I treasure being able
to be a part of this.
Feb 21
Ms. Naugle's picture

Phone Calls and Footsteps

The phone rang loudly. I got up to answer it, when I heard footsteps on the back porch. It was probably just a cat, I thought. It sounded a little heavy for a cat, but I just shrugged it off.

The phone was still ringing, oddly enough. I picked it up, not saying a word in case it was a robo call. At first, silence, then I heard footsteps on the porch again, and on the phone the same footsteps. Then, in a low voice, "Turn around..."

I was frozen in place. I couldn't move. I heard the sliding glass door open. I didn't dare turn around. Then, I heard multiple voices...


Jacob Roth
Grade 6
Killington Elementary School

Feb 21
Ms. Naugle's picture

Close Your Eyes

Turn around
Close your eyes
Picture yourself standing in the middle of your imagination!
Take a deep breath
What does it smell like?
Now open your eyes
Where are you?
Stay there for a second
What do you see?
Use your imagination!

Paige Fieldhouse
Grade 6
Killington Elementary School

Feb 21
Ms. Naugle's picture

Be Open to the World

What if all social media was shut down? It would be a good thing and a bad thing.

It would be a good thing because then not everyone would be addicted to their screens and notice the world around them. Now, I'm not saying you're a bad person if you have electronics. 

It would affect me because I do like to use social networks, but I don't rely on it, so it wouldn't affect me much. If I was older, I think it would affect me more.

Even if technology didn't shut down, I think we should be more open to the world around us.

Olivia Grasso
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School

Feb 17
Icarus Blackmore's picture


Countryside passes in a blur,
The bus rattles some more.
As I sit no longer sure which,
Shooting I am grieving for.


There have been so many,
That I just don’t know.

Names, faces, dates,
Injuries and, Fatalities,
They all pass in a blur.
New lives cut short,
By the sharp pang,
Of yet another shot.
As we circle round,
In this horrific revolving door.

“This isn’t the time to talk,”
“Thoughts and prayers.” 
Comments fire off,
In rapid succession.

Hindsight and foresight merge,
As we stumble towards a scene,
Identical to the one,
We claim to have left behind.

Cleverly we dodge the talk,
Of one massacre,
To throw ourselves,
Right into the next one.

For we live in a country,
Where the lives of me and my peers,
Feb 06

Forest Confusion Poem

Dark, cloudy skies.
Trees fallen over forked paths.
Gloom going on and on, further than the eye can see.
Dead branches, leaves fluttering in the wind.
Any answer could lead to a bad outcome.
Is a choice required?

Forward, a dark continuation.
Behind, a quiet unharmed trail.
To the right, a calm and damp place to traverse.
Facing this direction, behind is a different trail than before.
Which way was home again?

The trees look identical in the shadows.
Selecting a way to go would be difficult.
There is no telling which path is which.
There is no telling what is beyond.
Which path do I take?
Jan 27
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This Speck of Light

Busy city,
Lights flicker endlessly.  
On and off,
Off and on.
Cars zoom by,
Traffic always jammed.
Each light a story,
Most aren’t shared.
All seen from a distance,
But never too close.
Whispers in the wind,
Most you don’t hear.
Trapped in a cycle,
Repeats, never ends.
Wake up early,
Long days end tired.
But I know of one light,
From an apartment window.
It doesn’t catch your eye,
It is lost in the midst.   
It belongs to a girl’s window,
She stays inside.
Up all night,
Up all morning.
Growing in a city,
With too much noise.
She tunes it out,
And grows up in a world of her own.
A thousand books,
A hundred paintings.
Collages fill her walls,
Of the dream she wants to live.
She whispers to herself every night,
“I will make it come true.”

Jan 25
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Birds singing,
Grass growing,
Church bells ringing in the distance.

Sleeping in in the morning,
Snuggling up to my dog,
Happy it’s another day of freedom.

Thinking of all the things I can do,
Play outside,
Hang out with my friends,
Or just sit and watch TV.

What a relief it is,
Another day off.

But I miss Saturday,
Because now I  think of the
Five days ahead of me.

School tomorrow,
Big test in the morning,
Babysitting after school.

Gym on tuesday,
Mile run,
My dog tore up my last pair of shorts.

Mom’s got a meeting,
And dad’s working late,
Wednesday night,
I’ll be staying with my aunt and uncle,
They have three crazy kids.

Wishing for a snow day Thursday,
We are watching that movie that everyone's seen,
My three year old cousin loves it.

Basketball ball game Friday night,
Jan 25
stommola's picture


Losing a friend is heartbreaking. Even if they have only moved away, the pain still comes around. When you see them next they act different. They have new interests, new friends, even a new behavior. It hurts when you haven’t changed or forgotten your past, but they have. It hurts so much looking back on the memories together. But now they have left, and you will stay. You will grieve and long for your old friend back. When they visit next, you will expect the girl who only moved away, but will be disappointed when you realize that her emotions, memories, and personality have gone away too.
Jan 24
Icarus Blackmore's picture

The Same

There was a mass shooting,
And it slipped my mind.
What was once a sharp bang,
Fades to a distant hum.
Waxing and waning
Like the police sirens that follow.

I walk the halls of my school,
Wonder where will be hit next.
Go through the assembly,
Hear the words of comfort,
That have begun to run together.
Voice the same fears,
Cry the same tears.

Then it’s off to class,
A new kind of learning,
Announced by the loudspeaker.
Drop your pencils,
Hide in the corner.
It’s the new duck and cover.
We huddle together,
Silently praying we’ll,
Never face the thing,
That we’re readying for.

Send your thoughts and prayers,

Think that it is more reasonable,
To ask grade schoolers to cower,
In the corner of a classroom,
Than it is to pass gun regulation,
And just maybe it’ll be true.

Huddle in the corner and pray,
Nov 29
vmoore's picture


If I had one thing that I wish was never invented, it would be homework. I don’t get why I need so much homework. I do my work the best I can in school and I learn at least one thing new everyday. Apparently that’s not good enough, because the teachers give me way too much homework. I’m up until midnight every night doing homework. I usually forget to eat dinner too. After my homework, I have to take a shower, I usually get out of the shower a little after midnight. Homework has ruined my family, ESPECIALLY MATH! I usually have no idea what I’m doing in math so I ask my parents, but the earliest my parents come home from work is 6:00pm. I try to do it myself and look up how to do my homework on the internet and in my math book, but I still can’t figure it out most of the time. That’s only for math. I have a lot of other homework from other classes. My parents get so stressed because they come straight home from work and have to help me do my homework.
Nov 28
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What I could live without

One invention I wish had never been invented is itchy sweaters. They are uncomfortable and are a nuisance to this world. My life would definitely change for the better in a world without itchy sweaters.
Nov 23
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October 1st Las Vegas,
59 killed, 527 injured.
November 5, Sutherland Springs,
26 dead, 20 injured
November 14, Rancho Tehama,
5 killed, 10 injured.

June 13th 2016,
I woke up to find headlines
That spoke of great tragedy.
A nightclub in Orlando,
An frightening gunman.

A gay nightclub,
A symbol of hope, acceptance,
Ravaged by violence,
Blood gleaming upon the floor,
And in the footsteps we had yet to take.

October 2nd,
I woke up to find headlines,
That spoke of new tragedy,
A music festival in Las Vegas,
A deranged gunman.

A country music festival,
A place of laughter, and happiness,
Silence by the bang of shots,
Then filled with police sirens,
Playing their somber tune.

November 6th,
I woke up to the headlines,
That spoke of newer tragedy.
A church service in Texas,
A crazed gunman.
Nov 03
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Never to Age

If I would have to have a odd superpower it would be to never  age so I could be a kid for ever. I could go  trick or treating a lot because I will be a kid and kids get candy. I could get presents every year for christmas and my birthday.

I will never have to shave.I will never be old and I will never have white hair.I will never have to go to a nursing home.I will never need a cane.

         I will be ten years old for ever.

My dad’s SuperPower is to go into paintings, the paintings that are in the museums.My dog’s super power is to have food in a blink.She would have any food she wants anytime.Sherry’s superpower Is to never have bad hair. Whatever hair she wants it is done for her in a snap.

That Is a lot of super powers , But we  cannot tell anyone that we have super powers.

Oct 30
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Color Blind!

If i had to choose one color that i would never have to see again, i would choose… pink because it’s my least favorite color in the whole universe. I don’t like pink because, well, pink is a color for a girl who freaks out every time she gets a speck of mud on her SHOE! Me, i’m more of a girl who likes to do sports and climb trees and doesn’t care if she gets dirty. My favorite color, as you can see from the text is blue. I also don’t like purple, but not as much as i dislike pink.


But if i get rid of pink, wouldn’t i miss out on Valentine's day? All of my Valentines would be purple, red, white and grey! And if i get rid of pink, would pink just be greyish black, or would i not be able to see pink at all? Like, if i were at a maze where all the walls were pink, would they be invisible and i would just keep on crashing into them? You now what, i think i’m better of seeing ALL of the colors, even if i don’t like pink.