Apr 24

Never alone

I am only a small speck
only a little light
only a smile
only a drop of sunlight
but I am not alone
Around me is a sea of light
brightening the dark
smiling at the sad
loving the hateful
making a difference
speck by speck

Apr 10


I may be tiny
but I shine bright
I illuminate the sky
in the dark of night

Many see me
and don’t think I matter
probably believing
I’m nothing but splatter

But the few who look
in hopes of finding me
know that I’m more
than I appear to be

Mar 30
Ca.cook's picture


     When I was young I loved to climb trees. I can't count how many hours I have spent sitting at the top of a tree. One day I was down by the goat pastures while my mom was doing vet work on our goat herd. I had climbed to the top of the tree and sat at the top looking out across the field. I had chosen this tree because it was the best around for climbing, but it also had a barbed wire fence underneath it that made the fall seem even more ominous.
Mar 29
Emilia Perry's picture

Sorting Thoughts

      Scratchy bark. Heavy scent. Slight winds rustling the branches, now free of their leaves. This exposes skeletal arms that reach and dance when the autumn breeze blows. I sit, surrounded, hiding within these arms that wrap around me like a comforting hug. I look at the ground. Stark against the brown and green of the surface, is a yellow pencil and a pad of paper. Homework. Write a poem. How can I do that if I can’t even focus on a single thought? There is so much going on outside. Inside as well. This is how I find myself here, in this tree, surrounded by grass. Open stretches of ground, roads, people, buildings, and trees all line the outskirts of the field, bustling and talking.
Mar 28
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            The woman struck up conversation with the driver of the morning bus. Every day, she talked to the man on her way to breakfast, located at a cafe she had been consistently going to. She told him yesterday about how the traffic was so peaceful from the corner. He had given her a quick, judgmental look before she started talking about what she had planned to order for the day. Today, she knew that she would order a bagel with cream cheese and an iced coffee. She knew because she had been there many times, and always, she requested to sit in the chair by the corner of the building. Sometimes, she was granted her wish, and there, she had a perfect view of both streets. The traffic was almost rhythmic and soothing as it made its way through the intersection, which is why she liked the cafe so much.
Mar 27
Laurel Marshia's picture

Guardians of Childhood

I’ve always felt some kind of connection to trees. I think this comes from my upbringing in Chelsea, learning to love the land from my parents and grandparents. But I think part of this comes from what a tree represents to me. The old silver maple tree in our backyard is unwavering, throwing its shade onto the green grass and dropping its colorful leaves on our deck in the fall. The perfectly straight, slender maple behind the woodshed is youthful compared to the rest; its strong roots allow it to grow on a slope, towering over and protecting our house. The evergreen trees that stood proudly behind our swing set are forever landmarks in photographs of our house over the years. Although they are now just stumps, they still hold the magic placed in them when my grandfather planted them and nurtured their growth. The old apple tree will forever be a testament to the childhoods of my siblings and me.
Mar 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Rain



The rain can bring darkness.
And skies that are dreary.
It brings heavy dark clouds.
And makes visions bleary.

It makes the ground cold
and the wind thrash.
It makes the trees fall.
And the water crash.

However, the rain also gives life.
And helps new things grow.
It can make things bloom.
And the ground glow.

It washes away the tarnished pieces.
And eventually reflects the sun.
Which creates bright colors.
Then the storm is done.

Mar 23

Rise and Shine!

Some birds awoke me, but not in the way you'd think.
But downstairs in the kitchen! There was a ton in my sink!

But when I went down in slippers and opened the door.
There were two in my washer, and four on my floor.

Now don't think I'm crazy, while I very well could be.
There were ten of them outside, hopping in "my" tree!

I called over my friend to help get them out.
But she just called me insane and started to shout!

So with loss friend I took over my home,
I decided to chase them with a very large stone!

But this made them angry and very annoyed.
They chased me back and I tried to avoid!

There were so many bawks, pecks and feathers in here.
But that was until my cuckoo clock interfered.

The chaos then stopped and we also saw the time.
Noon rolled around, so it was time to dine.

We all made amends because of our very sore legs.
Mar 20
Kittykatruff's picture


When pride fell from the highest peak
And shattered on the rocks below,
Smashing the diamonds which were thought
Before to be unbreakable,

The eagle soared o'er raging sea
As water challenged the might of earth,
The soil disturbed by raging surf,
Forced to give up its kingdoms grand—

But when the time of triumph came
The flags fell flat, a new melody swelled
As earth's core split, taking all as it fell,
Releasing lava and scorching steam.

So when the past becomes today
And peoples' actions become too great,
And pride outdoes humanity—
May the universe find peace finally.
Mar 16
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
c.mcintire's picture

Where I am From

One thing I know for sure is that I am from Bradford, Vermont.

I am from the stone house with the big red barn.

From the little play house and big tree in the backyard.

I am from the early morning walks on the beaches in Maine.

From Nana’s corn chowder and Boston cream cakes.

I am from hugs, kisses and lots of “I love you’s”.  

From my grandparents who live just around the corner,

From my twin brother who is my best friend.

And from my twin sisters who are the best role models anyone could ask for.

From my dad who protected our country as well as me, my siblings and my mom.

I am from my mom who is the glue to it all.

I am from early mornings and late nights of basketball.

From many hours of homework.

I am from Friday night sleepovers in the living room,

From our dads shirts as pjs, known as “wiggly wobblies”
Mar 15
poem 1 comment challenge: Sure
keelan durham's picture

Where I am From

One thing I know for sure is where I am from.
It lies at the end of a valley, peaceful and perfect.
The hills slope down, leaving pristine, fertile fields in between.
A stream runs down the center of it
winding lazily before dropping violently in a torrent of rapids.

In the summer the fields are thick with clover.
The large gardens are lush and
provide everyone with a plethora of vegetables.

In the winter the snow falls deep.
The blanket that falls in December lasts till April
covering the trees in a picturesque manner.
There are few things that happen here more beautiful than fresh snow.

This beautiful, quirky paradise is where I live
but more importantly it is also where I am from.
Wherever I go, wherever I am, this valley will be my home  
with its rivers hopping with fish and its trees standing elegantly for eternity.

Mar 12
morgan_gaffney's picture

Not Here

One thing I know for sure
Is that someday, I’m going to get out of here

I’m leaving the cows, and the farms, and the real maple syrup
And I’m going somewhere where everything is new

I don’t know where exactly, but somewhere different
Maybe a big city, or maybe another country

Maybe I’ll live in an apartment where when you step outside the door
Your foot doesn’t immediately hit the ground

Maybe I’ll be in a place where I wake up
And all I can smell is the salt in the air and hear the crash of the waves

Maybe I’ll be where there is no summer
The ground never to be seen under the big, white blanket

Maybe I’ll be in space
And I can bounce around in a spaceship, and look at the black of the universe

One thing I know for sure
It won’t be here

Mar 11
poem 1 comment challenge: Fortune

Good Things Are On Their Way

“Good Things Are On Their Way”

when you live your life day by day,
some good things will come on their way
when you stop living your life in grey,
very good things will come to stay 

when your happiness comes from deep inside,
reality and dreams will start to collide
and when you’re really happy, from soul to mind,
good things will be, you’ll come to find

some days you’ll feel like the world is blue,
but you have underlying faith inside of you 
the world will tear you down, and you’ll be bruised,
but you’ll remember that bit of hope you’ve used

the world will be dark, but you’ll be kind,
because you can't turn out a light that’s burning from the inside 
you won’t let that discourage you, and time won’t delay,
because you see, good things are on their way

Mar 11


Wandering along the old brick building in the midst of downtown,
I drag my fingers across the rough and weathered clay blocks.
The two tiny legs that are my fingers skip over the breaks,
over the mortar moats that hold the bricks together.
Skip, drag, skip, drag.
And then one of them loosens,
clatters to the pavement with a loud clap that makes me jump.
A rustle of paper, and a much lighter, graceful object drifts down.
It is a yellow, aged note,
so old the paper crinkles when I open it.
And the note, written in loopy, pretty cursive, reads,
"I will always remember you,
even if you are dead or overseas.
The war took you from my arms,
but not from my heart."
Taped hastily on the inside of the note is a small black and white picture,
small enough to be put in a locket.
It is of a man and a woman staring without smiling to the left of the camera.
The man is adorned in military attire,
Mar 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Realize


In that moment
I realized
Just how much
I despised
Every single
That your mouth
My anger
Just keeps rising
As you
Continue criticizing
I don’t
Really care
But you keep
On with that stare
Mar 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Realize
timmyboy_jr's picture

A Storm Of Emotions

The storm begins.
Lightning strikes off in the distance,
We wait. One. Two. Three.
Thunder rattles the skyes,
As the wind sweeps us off our feet,
Bringing us to a land of the unknown.

The sheer rains come down,
As if God himself  here throwing it
A tornado, spinning and winding
Throughout past and present,
Opening new paths
For the mind to travel.

The downpour continues, leaving a river
In its wake.
Clouds roll over, and over again.
As if they were searching for home.
A home in which they can find complacency.

The wind and rain consolidate.
Becoming one, Moving furiously over all terrain.
Now, a mixture. A mixture of wild,
Uncontrollable beasts.
Then, out of the Blue.
It goes away.

There is Beauty, Joy,
Life, Love. All that one could ask for.
And that’s when I knew,
Mar 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Realize


Laughing on the sidewalk,
Dancing down the path,
Telling secrets at midnight,
And smiling to no end.
These tiny moments 
When nothing’s in our way,
Moments when I realize
I can be okay.
Mar 04
Jason W's picture

The Tree and The Dog

       Sitting up in the tree, I could feel the branches sway in the cool morning breeze. The fog gently brushed across my cheeks, sending a chill through me. Looking out, I could see across the pasture where the cows slowly wandered out to graze until they are called back. I could see all the way to the forest that has a million different secrets hidden in the trees. Looking out, I forgot about all my problems that waited me at the bottom. My problems seemed to just melt and float away on ribbons of fog. I sat in the tree, daydreaming, until the barking dog brought me back to reality, and I remembered why I was in the tree in the first place.
Mar 01
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The Queen Who Fell From My Grace

Dear you,

    I’m mad at you.
Feb 26

I hate you, I love you

I hate you. I love you. I hate the way you walk, the chip on your shoulder. I love your long sleek legs, your soft elegant feet. I hate your attitude, random and infuriating. I love your attitude, capturing and absorbent. I hate your love, deadly and unforgiving. I love your love, addicting and boundless. I hate your life, so busy and interrupting. I love your life, full of achievement and success. I hate your family, restricting and overbearing. I love your family, accepting and loving. I hate your luscious long black hair, annoying and hindering. I love your luscious long black hair, ravishing and play worthy. I hate your body, teasing and vexing. I love your body, stunning and pleasurable. I hate you. I love you.

I love us.