May 04

Green Up

Vermonters! Participate in Green Up Day. Write about the most interesting object you find, the best conversation you have, or the observations you make as you clean up the state.

[YWP Photo Librry; Photo by Grace Safford]
Apr 13


Sep 29


Take a photo or photos of a setting that you find inspiring. Post the photo(s) and write a short explanation of why this place touches you.
[Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, phone by abouttosnap, YWP Community Leader & Photographer)
Sep 29

My Vermont

Write a personal, true story about an experience, person or place that defines your Vermont. The best stories will be submitted to Vermont Life magazine and, if accepted, you will receive an offer of payment and be scheduled for publication. Word count: 300-750 words. 
Would you like to be published in Vermont Life magazine?
Sep 27

2018 Community Leaders

Young Writers Project is proud to share with you the Community Leaders of this site,

These artists have been selected because of the energy and effort they put into this community, the quality of their work, the quality and quantity of their commenting and their expertise. Most are long-time members. While we don't identify them by their real names, many of you may, by this time, know who they are and where they come from, but even if you don't know that, you know their work. They hail from around the U.S. and beyond.

You will find these leaders are active commenters, they select work for publication or for the front page, create challenges and some even actively work on special projects, online workshops and on site improvements. We are very lucky to have them. And do check out their work and give them some shine, too!

Commenting -- Overview

Commenting -- or exchanging feedback -- is an important part of the Young Writers Project community. This is where you can learn the strengths and flaws of your work or where you can get, simply, some affirmation. The exchange of feedback builds community and, frankly, it's a motivation for you. We all like to get a little feedback; it helps us keep going. HINT: You are more likely to get a comment if you give a comment to someone else on their post.

On this site, you have four circles of commenting and response:

Sep 22


If you can, visit an apple orchard. Take photos and breathe in the apple air! Post your photos as a slideshow. Write a poem about the experience.
[Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, Grace Safford]