Oct 10

Walking in the woods ...

When you walk a lot in the woods, when you take a lot of photos in the woods, you develop a sixth sense (perhaps it is an unrealized sound, a scent in the wind or something larger, a fourth dimension sensation perhaps) that there is something ahead, an animal, a bird, something out of the ordinary.

Today, as I headed down a steep portion of the trail, my body involuntarily slowed down, grew quiet, deliberate, cautious.

When I came to the bottom, the clearing, there was this:

Fair Days

Using a technique I used much as a journalist, I went to the World's Fair and if I saw an interesting looking person I went up to them and asked if I could take their picture.

Without fail, they said yes.

I took one before they were ready, one as they posed and one after they thought I was finished. At the end, I thanked them told them my name was Geoff and they told me their first name. We then wished each other well and moved on.

I guess in the last analysis, it's in how you ask.

Sep 13

Not All Prison Inmates Come Home Safe

"Mom, why do we have to go?"
"Sweetie, I've told you before. There's a mean, storm coming. We need to go before it shows up."
"Why is it mean?"
"I don't know, honey. We just need to go."
"Why are we leaving Daddy behind?"
"Daddy's safe, we don't need to worry about him."
"He is?"
"Mhmm. After the storm comes by, he'll come home."
"Yay! How long do we need to wait?"
"Not much longer, sweetie, not much longer."
As Katrina rolled in, the mother looked out the window. 
"Please, God, return Josh to us. Please."

Sep 12

The Bear

The man was heedless in so many ways. He'd left home without his phone.

He'd worn only flip-flops & shorts despite the cold drizzle - obstinance reigned. He intended only to drive up over the ridge to Sidney's farm for corn. He was tired, his mind occupied.

The car strained up the mountain road to the top and started to coast down the other side. All woods for miles. Such a crazy thing to drive all this way for corn, he thought, just as the bear ran out into the road in front of him.

Sep 12


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