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Zoner Games

Have you ever been on your computer and then suddenly sucked into it, finding yourself in the electronic world? Really? No? Well, then I guess you're going to think this story is somewhat entertaining.

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A Page From a Stagemanager's Diary...

Day 1:
Today was my first offical day as a stage manager... I'm a part of the play "the complete works of william shakespere (abridged). It's written by 3 commedians from the reduced shakespere company, and is a hilarious play that touches on some of shakespere's well known works. I was running behind the stage, like crazy from stage left to stage right, and back and foth again and again!...
"AMIE!!!! I NEED HELP GETTING INTO COSTUME!" and "TOSS ME THE GORY FAKE HAND!" Were only some of the comments yelled at me. I at the beginning of the practice, semi organized most of the props into 6 tables on both sides on the stage, for each of the leading ladies. Eventually everything got lost in the din of screeching, and quick costume changes.


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The sky over the city that night was deceptively calm.
No stars were visible, cloaked as they were in clouds that hung low over the land, heavy with unshed rain. A hole in the dark blanket allowed pale grey light to spill out over the earth below, lending it a ghostly quality.
Beneath a cold and distant moon, a monolith of stone jutted into the sky, blacker than anything else in the night. The obsidian tower appeared too vast to have been hewn by human hands, but it had no rounded edges like those carved by wind and water, nowhere to rest the eye. It thrust into the clouds like a sword, the top indiscernible from the night sky. It seemed to be a shadow crystallized, the tower, looming over a silent city that bowed in subservience.

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