Jun 11

Am I losing my Identity?

In my life I have lived in far more places than some others my age. I have lived in the Middle East , The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and I am currently residing in Denmark.
Jun 05

Not Bilingual

Note: I wrote this for my AP Lang class.

    As I read the paper this assignment was on, I felt a rush of excitement. This would be the chance for me to tell my story. Snippets of half-formed ideas were playing through my head and I felt that the pieces of a fully coherent essay were beginning to slowly weave themselves into a tapestry that would give the viewer a glimpse into my life. I could write about how language creates greater difficulties for Chinese-American girls than Chinese-American boys. I could write about growing up with Chinese as my first language but now checking the “English is my first language” box on official forms. Needless to say, I left class feeling ready to tackle the assignment.
Jun 04

Memoir! :D

So, it was sometime around 9:00 or so in the morning, in February. I was sitting in bed, on my phone (like always), and while I’m on my phone.
I get a notification.

So, me being me, I open up “Discord,” (an app on a phone or computer for talking to others), and one of my friends, had told me something..

    So, I’m the “supportive” type of person, and I ask “What’s wrong,” or something along the lines of that, and I waited for an answer… Nothing. Yet. Nothing had been said yet, so, I go back to watching YouTube. While I’m waiting, a message notification pops up. So, of course, I look at it. Not from her, so I go back to waiting.

Then, I get a message from her, I read it, and she told me that she had depression, and I couldn’t form words, I was just too shocked, I was so shocked, it was like I was hit by lighting. Being supportive, I asked if there is anything that I could do to try and help...
Jun 04

Memoir! :3

It was sometime around 8:30, and Grace had just woken up. And something seemed off..

Something was missing…

Now, Grace didn’t know what was missing, but something was missing. Could it be a pet? A person? An object? Who knows? But when she had gotten up to “investigate”, what was really missing, shocked her to the point where it was like she was shocked by lighting.

One of her hamsters had died. But how? Her hamster had been cared for, the hamster had food and water. Grace didn’t know how or why he/she had died. So, once her parents had woken up, she had decided to talk to them about getting a mouse, or a guinea pig. And when she had asked for a mouse, the answer was a; “Maybe.”

A little bit later, they had gotten ready to go and get Grace her new pet. After they had gotten ready, they had went to PetSmart. Once they had gotten to PetSmart, Grace had been super excited.

“Are you sure I can’t get a mouse?” Grace asked.
May 28
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HOBY 2018

There are so many words I can use to describe the Hugh O'Brian Youth leadership seminar.





But the one word that I think sums all of it up is enlightening. I have the drive to help. The drive to make change. HOBY lit my candle of hope and now I am on the mission to light others candles. I want to teach people to lead not just lead them. I want to inspire a voice of reason. At the start of the seminar they told me I would not be the same person when I left. They were completely right. I am stronger and wiser. I am no longer afraid of the future. I am ready to take it by the horns and guide it MY way. This will stick with me forever.

May 26

A Forgotten Voice

Sometimes I just want everyone to just shut up
They all just make excuses to make themselves feel better
To make sure they are better than you in every aspect.
 You keep quite cause its hard to fight back
And when you do, you seem to lose value
But you still try to speak up.

Eventually speaking up starts to become useless
Because people stop caring,
People stop listening.
Then you listen.
But that becomes painful.
You want to scream but your voice has been forgotten

I used to think that I would never lose my closest friends,
But now they seem to find new, better ones
And the worst part is
You have to fit into a certain group.
When you are an all-around person you seem to miss things that happen in the groups,
And those things start to push you away from the rest
You start to feel lost and forgotten
May 19
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Should We Cure Autism Or Not? – Speech Class

The debate about whether there should be a cure for autism or not has taunted both sides with theories and fears. In 2009, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority negatively called out the Son-Rise program, a center that mentors parents about autism and treatments, because of an ad that made them sound like they could "cure" autism. Yet between 3-25% of people seemingly "outgrow" their diagnosis, meaning that the autistic label becomes inappropriate.
May 04
essay 0 comments challenge: Last
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This is our last chance. Our last chance to do the right thing and save the planet. Co2 and other greenhouse gas emissions have risen to a dangerous level. But there is one more chance one more chance to take action and keep the situation from spiraling out of control. Humanity has done something that any high school student will tell you is dangerous, and that is to procrastinate, and this has led us dangerously close to our own destruction. Many of our leaders have been gambling with the future of the land, earth, water and air that we rely on everyday to provide the nourishment necessary for survival. The world needs action and action now if we are to ever to effectively combat this issue. The people need to demand action from our governments and lay a new foundation for our energy infrastructure. We are currently hanging by a fraying rope over an abyss. If we fall then nothing can save us but we have been given one last chance.
Apr 15
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Keep Us Children Safe

We see the videos of kids like us on both sides: some are pro-gun control and some don't want any restrictions on guns.  But before we talk about the solution to the problem, we must first fully understand what this is all about.  This issue is about teenagers not being killed at their schools, a place where they are supposed to have problems, but none that kill them.  Adding restrictions may help keep guns out of the wrong people's hands, but there are already too many guns available to dangerous people.  So are we supposed to accept that students can get killed and there is nothing we are supposed to do about it?  Slowing the sale of semi and fully automatic weapons is just one problem.  It also is about finding a way to educate gun owners so that they understand the power of the weapon they own.  Along with background checks, there needs to be some kind of gun safety course for people who want to own a gun.  At the end of it, there must be a test to make sure we do not put
Apr 13
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Sand Up

Never before in the history of the world have humans been closer to issuing their own destruction. The very earth the we live on, the very water we drink even the very air we breathe is in danger and our government seems totally unconcerned. Climate change threatens the very foundations of human civilization. It threatens to rip us out at the roots and we need bold action now. Congress seems unable to gaze through the clouds of corruptness that hang around capitol hill for a solution. Instead of looking of a solution they are still arguing over whether or not this issue actually exists. We need action now. We need to give a cry that will drive the clouds surrounding capitol hill. We need to sow the seeds of change and  grow them into solutions.
Apr 13
essay 0 comments challenge: Earth
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Earth residents,
There is a mass of trash in the ocean, created by us, three times the size of Texas. The air is poisoned by our burning waste to the extent where breathing in certain regions requires a special mask. Animals bathe in water darkened black by spills of products we have made all around the world. The weather, though it may feel cold, will not stay this way forever. It too will be affected by our actions and our industrial chimneys. With passing time, the definition of nature will change completely; typically green grass will soon sprout up short, brown, and brittle, rough on our passing feet; usually brilliant flowers will wilt, their colors failing to bloom; normally clear, blue water will be swampy masses of water-resembling substances.
Apr 09

Pipelines, Protests, and Patriotism

     Can taking a stand against your government be considered a patriotic act? One April morning in 2016, 200 Native Americans rode on horseback to a camp near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation to take a stand against the US government. They had come to protest the location of the Dakota Access pipeline because they felt it was a threat to their community. Throughout the summer, indigenous peoples from all over the country traveled to stand in solidarity against the pipeline. They soon gathered support on a global scale, with people arriving by the thousands to take part in the demonstrations.
Apr 05
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Don’t look back

Empty , dark and I am scared I don’t know what to do. I feel like my parents left me for days but it’s only been 2 days. They only gave me a hundred 100 for food. I already spent on a new game. I am hungry I don’t know what to do. I am bored Maybe I should go to  my friends house to eat and play some games. As I am walk to his I see a man standing next to a brick building. His face is covered with a scarf. He throws a piece of a paper at me and he runs. I open the paper and it has writing in it. It’s says . Never look back it Will come after you just run and you will be ok. What the heck is that spouse to mean. This is stupid I will just go home. As I start heading home I see a man following me I look back to see he diapers. I start running. I hear his footsteps behind me. I am scared I don’t know what to do.
Apr 03

50 years ahead of his time

As some of you may know, each year I tap the maple trees behind my house and make syrup. It is a peaceful, methodical process. There is no way to speed up liquid boiling, or to hurry along the sap flowing out of the trees when done the way I do it, the old-fashioned way, a single tap per tree on which hangs a bucket and a top. The process is driven by nature -- temperature changes, physics and weather. It is an exercise of patience and affords me the time to slow down, to notice, to think. And as I chop wood, load the fire box, as I empty the buckets and haul the sap, as I feed the fire and, finally, drain off the syrup, I have plenty of time to think. 

This year, on Easter, I decided to listen to this sermon by Martin Luther King. I am not a Christian, but I respect the faith as I do all the religions and their power to make one think about one's place in life, to think about one's purpose, to align our souls to goodness. 
Apr 02
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Earth is more

I was watching the News when I heard about the climate change. How it’s hurting the environment. Polar bears are going extinct and how penguins are losing their homes.
People should do something about No I should do something about this. I should tell my friends my teachers what’s happening to the earth. We should start taking care of the earth better. I am going to tell my teacher how I can help right now. I ask the teacher how  I can help the earth. You can start by recycling picking up garbage from the streets. I can’t do that all by myself. You could go ask the principal if there are other people that want to help the earth. Thank you.  


Land of Free

Look out, America
They’re coming

The Privileged 
The ones who are fed with golden spoons 

The Artists
They’ll paint you themselves 
if you don't match what's already on their pallets

Watch out!

The Poets
They’ll write themselves in history as heroes
But not the sins they committed to receive this title


The Do-Gooders
They’ll tell us they saved us from living like dirty savages
As if death isn't sweeter than a
White Man’s branding on our chest

The Firefighters
We don't have the same beliefs so they say 
Let them burn!

Look out, America
They're coming.

Mar 28
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We Will Not Stop: What I Learned From the March For Our Lives in Washington DC

If I can, I will record audio for this tomorrow.

On March 24th, 2018, I marched down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC with at least 200,000 people. We marched for our lives. Gun violence is a human issue above all else and one that cannot be bribed into oblivion in our government any longer.
Mar 27
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Jane Eyre: A Cinderella Story

“Tale as old as time. True as it could be” While these words, from Disney’s 1991 rendition of Beauty and the Beast, refer to the plotline of a man turned beast and the pivotal nature of true love’s kiss, they can also be applied to the fairytale archetype itself. Whether it’s the similarities between Beauty and the Beast and Princess and the Frog or Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, this archetype is present in countless movies from a myriad of eras. This enchanted model isn’t limited solely to Disney animation and live-action remakes, but also classics like Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Although Jane Eyre can be compared to countless tales from Harry Potter to Star Wars, it’s parallels to Cinderella are uncanny, for the characters, plot, and themes are strikingly similar. However, Jane Eyre does differ from the traditional princess tale in its characters and complexity.
Mar 24

The Sound of Music - Fun, Family-Friendly, Entertaining and…Anti-Feminist?

From singing children to nuns stealing car parts, The Sound of Music will be remembered as a fun, childhood-classic production - especially that flirty song sung by the teenage love birds about anti-feminism. Wait, what? In The Sound of Music? Sadly, this is true, and there’s even a reprise in the second act to remind us of the same theme.