Dec 03

Voel - Arrival Scene

The sand was shifting beneath me, slowly warming as the warm red light of the twin suns flooded my eyelids. Wait, twin suns?! I scrambled myself up until I was leaning my elbows into the sand. I blinked, my eyelashes sticking, then releasing. I still saw two blazing orbs. I must have fallen down the stairs, knocked my head, and am now seeing double. Yes, that’s it. I brought my hand up to examine my head, and noticed the sand sticking to my palms. Black sand. I’m in...Hawaii? No, that’s not logical, what did I do, teleport, then get knocked out? hesitantly, I glance back up. There are still two suns. And one of them is red. There must be a logical explanation. I search for the last thing I remember. Everything feels heaving, grainy, like the sand. And dark, sinking. I see myself falling to my knees, hands flying to my face to hide it. From what? My face was wet with tears. It slams into me again, the weight, as if the entire planet had turned to iron and crashed onto my head.
Dec 03

Rusty Copper Rains

Deep brown teeth at the top of a wooden fence, similar fences stretching horizontally down a gentle hill to the right, dust tan ground between the fences, a few black birds on the distant ground, likely hens or ducks,beyond the third row of fence is a swath of green yard, and many small buildings of dark weathered wood and dusty tan, one large red brick with bare metal chimneys, and in the distance, a teal-gilded dome, perhaps a chapel? The sky is a murky yellow-green, suggesting an early morning dim on the sun. Through the sky float two people, with skin tones that blend into the sky, except when shadowed a darker green.
Dec 03


Hello! I've been a bit absent again, so I wanted to share some of my work outside of YWP. I'm currently in a creative writing workshop class at CVU, which I highly reccommend to any writerly CVU students! It's an experimental class, but so far it's been going great, and will hopefully be offered for many years to come. This post and perhaps a few more to come were created for/during this class. 


“Why were you at the dock at 11 o’ last night?” the interrogator leaned towards me, piercing me like a pine plank with those morn’-caught salmon eyes.

“I’m a fisherman.”

“Your boat was long in.”

I snorted slightly. If that was writt’n in verse, I wouldn’t ‘ve been on that dam dock. “I was gettin’ my boots.”

“Why would you need your boots at that hour of night?”
Oct 26

20/20 Vision / The Sun Will Die

The year I turn eighteen,
our atmosphere will release
the last particle of helium
Into space.

I was born in the
Year of the
On the 20th

and the 2nd atomic element
will leave our planet in 2020,
2 years from now.

If the universe is made up of math,
all algebra
glimmering with geometry,
tinted in trig
and cradled in calculus,
Then tell me,

Is 18 an equation where if
1 is singularity
and 8 is upright infinity,
then 18= adulthood?

But of course no mathematician will answer me
till I solve for that constant,
find the double of fear,
the square root of censure
round to significance -

To 18
to having
rights a
Vote a
Voice a

A person
That  forgets anyone with less than
2 digits painted under their eyes,
Sep 10

Voël - Conflict

While Tamasha's brother is away, he becomes severly ill with a waterborne illness. This crisis shatters the remainder of Tamasha's sense of familial harmony, a want and value, as well as her unacknowledged envy of his travels which has prevented her from fully feeling his absence. Through her grief, her consciousness is transported to Voël, an alternate world reflecting her ideals, where she learns to embrace a flawed and uncertain world, and find hope within it. 
Sep 03

Marble Doves Can't Fly

Salt and pepper purled carpets
smelled of sultry dandelion fluff,
the sun illuminating the cinnamon
lincoln-log blocks resting on the dove-threaded swells.
(Is there peace in a metric rectangle, perched on the clashing seas?)

The hickory seeds would take to their feathers
as we kicked through their sunny fluff,
I'd see the full-seeded flower head as a globe
where the equidistant inhabitants raised their wizened brows in triumph.
(How long ago did you realize the world could never be that sage?)

Those dandelions are stitched 
into the foreground of my memory,
though even then I knew
why the fences wore obsidian arrows:
the stones in this meadow were graves.
(Did you know any of the dead, or are you searching again for kinder strangers?)

We searched for the most distant date, 
one eights, one sevens, last two digits trailing...
Aug 15

Voël - First Lines

I was honestly a bit confused by the instructions for this challenge. I'm going to go ahead and do it for the story that I'm writing. I understand that writing first lines for a completely different story is a good exercise, but I'm a bit behind on this workshop and honestly don't have the time. FYI, the writing in bold is the one I decided to run with. Also, I'll say ahead of time this'll be a pretty rough, I'm not a speed writer. I actually added two minutes to compensate for the difficulty I had getting the italics to work, and my slow typing. Any feedback on this or my previous couple workshop pieces would be greatly appreciated, as I'm feeling a little lost with this. Thanks!

We were arguing, as most parents and teens do, but it was because I want to learn something. Seriously?

Hmmm, silky goldenrod? The mixture on my palate looked more like chunky mustard.
Aug 14

Manifesto of the Muse

(Response to the challenge Titles: Create a poem using only the titles of books near you. Write it in seven minutes.)



The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
The Cucumber King
The Lost Track of Time
The Running Dream.

Under the Egg,


counting by 7s,
Mary Oliver’s Devotions

Aug 12

Voël (tentative title) - Settings

(Photo Credit: Pixabay, various contributors)

Setting 1: Washington D.C. USA, Earth -Summer of 2016

Tamasha lives with her mother, father and brother (though he is away for most of the story on a gap year trip around South East Asia) in Washington D.C. the capitol of the United States of America, in the Shaw neighborhood of D.C. ,  known for it’s ethnic diversity and emphasis on intellectual and cultural progress. Their family lives in one of the small Victorian style homes typical of that area.

Both she and her brother occasionally visit the Adams Morgan area, known for it’s entertainment and arts scene. Her brother is interested mainly in the restaurants and galleries, which she occasionly visits with him, but Tamasha is later drawn to the area for the musical venues and stores.