Jul 17

New Friend

I met you last week. 

We were quiet
and lonely
and only had the courage to smile. 

Skiping rocks
and occasionally wading into the ocean.

I want to remember it forever.
The way

I met you,
the way you had looked at me,
the way the ocean curved
into the horizon
and disappeared.

I want to remember forever how I met you
and when I first saw you smile
and how you sang.

I want to remember not knowing you 
and then suddenly
Jul 10


He looked at you
with those eyes again.

The ones that beg you to hold him.

And you would
if you weren't afraid of his lightning. 

He reminds you of the jellyfish
you found last summer. 

It was small 
and beautiful 
and was everything 
that a lonely ocean girl longs for. 

You love him. 
You did when you met him, when he smiled at you. 
Jul 06
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I watch birds 
with slow feet 
and open books.

Jul 06

Too Long Ago

Today, on your yellow bike, 
(the one that refuses to turn exactly left) 
you passed the ocean.

It was light blue
and foaming at the edges 
and reminded you of the days
on the ocean with the summer friend
you had made when
you were younger.

He was quiet and smiled a lot.

You pulled over and examined the waves
and remembered how he
had cried
when you left.

You remembered how many stories
he held inside of him.

Those stories were more of him
than you ever had before.

You remembered the day in the rowboat
with soggy sandwiches and rain. 

And all that lost laughter.

It made you smile again. 

Where was he now?
Did he remember you?
Did you even remember him? 

Jun 27

Richmond, VT

Jun 24

I Would Call You Summer

It’s a smell that
comes just before a rain

One because there are always more

Sunshine for times
when honey drops from fingers
and soapy feet
are a must before bed

She’s small and likes to be held 
and tickled (occasionally)

She’s simple and sweet 
and reminds you
of the time you made pancakes at midnight
just to see what happened before
sizzling smelled so good

Dripping, sticky fingers
remind you of the time the ocean
almost ate you

And the ice cream stand
on the corner of Magnolia and Silver street 
had a sign out front
that tells you to go swimming
and forget your towel

If you run, freezing into salty depths
you’ll remember
you were never taught that rivers
are safer than oceans will ever be

Occasionally I refuse to be frightened
by beautiful forces 
Jun 14

Morning Thoughts

It’s creative, you think,
the way ocean refuses
to be photographed.

Even more creative 
with the stars.

It’s like trying to capture
the sky in a jar. 

Like trying to drink
sunlight from a cup. 

You know now you never can
and long to anyways. 

Jun 10

2:30am New York City

You like the way he wakes up.

Not at all 
and all at once.

bolt upright 
down the stairs 
out the door

Stars are like Suns 
when they fall to Earth.

He collides
and slips back to sleep.  

Jun 05


May 30

too late

sometimes we all take  
more than we can give
we long for rains
that never fall
we catch wishes 
that were never made
we taste the soil 
before it blows away
it’s a full moon tonight
and i’ll finally breathe the stars 
maybe next time
you’ll catch me 


May 27

The Race

I am small. 

Every night when the moon
makes its presence in the dark sky
I am reminded of something
than me.

I like the feeling of escape. 
Falling out of normal.

It makes me nervous to explode into 
something so large

even the seas
don’t know how it started.
The need to escape. 

I left the other day.

Flew above the moon.

But I'm not that important 
and you're much too used to leaving what you love. 

I think you admire the moon. 
I think you long to touch it. 

going   leaving 


I never touch you.

I'm too afraid of fire.