Feb 08
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Clear and crisp

Feb 08
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Stop, look in the mirror.
Take a good long look,
Do you see her?
In the good old days she was clearer.
Where there were no more worries,
Damn I miss her. 
When there were no more photos for the gram
Or a boy to hold your hand,
Somehow I don't understand how I got here. 
When I had no more second thoughts 
And my beauty wasn't bought,
When I didn't feel so flawed like I do now.
But I'm turning it around,
My feet are on the ground.
My roots are weak but my will is strong.
I'm finding my beauty from the inside out. 

Jan 05
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In the Night

Mind clear in the day,
Break down in the night.
While you're dreaming of me,
I'm so not alright. 

Crying and dizzy,
Breathless and paralyzed. 
They won't let me sleep,
My insecurities fight. 

I know it's all me,
It's all in my mind. 
So I sit with the feeling,
Until I see sunlight. 
Jul 04
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The Little Things

      My boyfriend, long story short I love him. We have so stories, but this one is simple. It was late February, and I had a horrible never(I blame the stress of midterms). I could barely speak and it had been such a long day. Afterschool, he texted me saying he was going to walk down to my house. I met him outside, thinking he was crazy to walk down in the snow. He held out something to me. It was a Snapple, my favorite drink. Even in the freezing cold, I had the warmest smile on my face. Go out and do something to make someone smile. The littlest things can fill their day with an ounce of love. 

Jul 04
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Why I run

All us doubt ourselves. For so long I did about everything. My biggest doubt in myself was my strength. I thought only some were born strong, able to overcome the obstacles that stood in their way. Running used to scare me. I was afraid my body would give up on me, that I wouldn't have what it takes. But running taught me the biggest lesson I have ever learned. True strength comes from your mind. There are so many things in life we can't control. There are so many situations we must battle through. When I started running, I realized I was in control.  I controlled every single step I took, and I could go as far as I pushed myself. There are two pains in this world-the pain of displine and the pain of regret. My doubt had held me back too long. I had always been strong, I just never believed it before. 
Jul 01
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             Looking back at this past school year, I realized something. It's not the big events that matter so much. Yes, the dances, the basketball games, those do matter. But what makes a great year are those small moments that make you smile. One of those moments for me was during my 2nd period study hall everyday. At 9:15 everday in the fall, I would ask to go to my locker on the third floor. As I climbed up the stairs, it started getting brighter with every step. Then once I reached the top I saw the beautiful sunrise through the window. It overlooked the parking lot and the baby blue sky. This was my cup of coffee. Every morning I said to myself, "Today's going to be a great day." 
Jun 25
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Talent died young.
June 18th, 2018. 
Rest in peace. 
Jun 25
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You saw her,
Sitting there.
You didn't say a thing.
Teary eyed,
Dust filled lungs. 
Her silent cry for help.
"Don't look back,"
Said your mind.
But you hoped someone would. 

How little they seem until it's too late. 

Jun 23
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My wish

I wish that everyone could see the blue of the sky.
That they could taste the warmth of the air,
Like freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

I wish that everyone could see the color in each flower.
That they could hear the wind's whispers,
Spreading dandelion seeds through the air. 

I wish that everyone could see how we aren't so different.
That they could feel the heartbeats,
Giving life to every person around us. 

I wish for a world of different seeds.
Without the ones of doubt and fear,
That are planted into our lives. 

I wish for peace,
Love between every person,
But starting in ourselves. 
Jun 23
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Red Rose

I saw a red rose,
Laid next to a skull.
Something of poison, 
Yet so beautiful.

I saw broken hearts,
An attempt to mend.
Their love was blooming,
But forced to end. 

I saw a story,
Of undying trust.
One side of the tale,
Turned faith into rust.

I saw the regrets, 
Carved onto pages.
Finally arrived,
After all these ages.

Love will bring us loss,
When we are too late.
Human hearts entwined,
A story of fate. 
May 04
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A window indeed,
But one closed shut.
Iced over in the day,
While the hail beat all night.
Cobwebs formed around the forgotten edges, 
The wood splintered and crumbled. 
The glass became so fogged,
That no light could make it through.
Darkness filled the whole area,
Doubt crept in every corner.
Its strength had been persecuted,
Until one day it shattered.
Every piece a silent scream,
Bursting in an instant. 
This world at a standstill,
Until the sun would return.
When the warmth of spring arrived,
The glass had been replaced.
Now sparkling crystal,
The sun twinkled through. 
The room came back to life,
Sprouting a little green stem. 

Jan 27
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This Speck of Light

Busy city,
Lights flicker endlessly.  
On and off,
Off and on.
Cars zoom by,
Traffic always jammed.
Each light a story,
Most aren’t shared.
All seen from a distance,
But never too close.
Whispers in the wind,
Most you don’t hear.
Trapped in a cycle,
Repeats, never ends.
Wake up early,
Long days end tired.
But I know of one light,
From an apartment window.
It doesn’t catch your eye,
It is lost in the midst.   
It belongs to a girl’s window,
She stays inside.
Up all night,
Up all morning.
Growing in a city,
With too much noise.
She tunes it out,
And grows up in a world of her own.
A thousand books,
A hundred paintings.
Collages fill her walls,
Of the dream she wants to live.
She whispers to herself every night,
“I will make it come true.”