Oct 15

"Anthology 9" Book Launch!

October 14, 2018 - YWP "Anthology 9" Book Launch at Maglianero Cafe in Burlington, VT
Congratulations to all the young writers and artists who are published in YWP's new book, "Anthology 9." It was such a privilege and incredibly inspiring to listen to all these speakers and to be able to be a part of something so incredible. Congrats to everyone!
Oct 11

Mother Natures Vision

    It's hard to go by a new identity every season. You can only have the same friends once a year because if they ever found out what happened to me during the rest of it, they would never speak a word to me again.

Four names,

Four styles,

Four bodys,

Four personalities.

    In Winter I am Winter Winds. My skin changes into a pale gleaming white color. My eyes Ice blue, cold to the touch. My hair a bleach blonde in a messy big loose dutch braid. I’m curvy, thick if you will but not chubby nor skinny. I am shy and harsh, telling the deepest truths for the most ignorant people. I attract the most saddened souls with the kisses of a thousand snow storms. A dusty pink caresses the apples of my puffy cheeks. They are warm even in the cold of my frozen heart.

           Three names,

           Three styles,

           Three bodys,

           Three personalities.
Oct 09


There is something magical in the leaves during Autumn. 
Oct 08
harrypotter2008's picture

Good Citizen Challenge - Picture of an American Patriot

I drew this picture in response to a prompt by the Vermont Good Citizen Challenge asking: Draw a picture of a current or a past American patriot.  Explain who it is and why you chose this figure.  My explanation is included on the drawing.  Enjoy!
Sep 29


Officially, this is the first time my school's GSA has been out and about. I'm he one holding the flag. Another member took the picture.
Sep 28
Alexander wiedrick's picture


My name is Alexander Wiedrick. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm tall and I'm awkward. Im fourteen and my birthday is March 30th. I have two cats and a dog. I like to run but I'm not very good at it. I like to listen to music and play video games. I tend to doodle on everything. I like to read historical fiction. my favorite color is grey but I also like blue. I live with my mom and my sister in the middle of no where. I tend to stress about school alot. I have a big forehead and I usually cover it up with my hair. I feel like I'm a pretty socially awkward person but not all the time. I think my favorite food right now is Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm not very good at math. I feel like I'm a pretty observant person. 
Sep 28


Sep 28
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      She stood looking back at me. She looked about 5’5”. Her brown hair ending in the middle of her back. Her hair looked like brown frizzy waves going down her back. She smiled at me. Her dimple on her right cheek and the ones that go around her mouth show. She has never liked her dimples. But she puts up with them because there is nothing she can do about it. Her somewhat big nose widens as she shows her silver brackets on her braces. She used to have a gap in between her two front teeth about eight months ago, and her bottom teeth were turned in all different directions. Now her teeth are as straight as can be, and the gaps are filled. Her bony shoulders poke out of her white tank top that she put on when she got out of the shower. Her long arms stop just after her hip bone. She has her Christmas pajama pants on. Man does she loved Christmas. She has long legs and a very short torso. Her skin was very dark in the dim light from her Christmas lights in her room.
Sep 27
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  One of the things I love about Vermont is the diverse seasons. The blistering hot summers where you spent time at the lake and then there's the winters. I love to ski. The refreshing breeze against my face, you can almost feel the speed. I love to challenge myself going through the black and double black diamonds. I also enjoy winding through the woods, it is like a giant maze but you can turn any direction you want. Bolton Valley is amazing, every year I look forward to the hot chocolate.

Sep 26
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Summer Days

She drank in the colors, the feeling, the light. It was beautiful here, calm, peaceful. She wished it could stay that way forever, but summer was fleeting, and the cold came far too soon.
Sep 18

At Busan, South Korea

Sep 18

Exploring Jeju Island

Sep 18

Sunset at Puget Sound

Sep 17
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when i went to formby point it was a cloudy day
chilly even though it was july. 
another girl and i took the train out all alone
into the town. 
we bought sandwiches and kinder surprise eggs at waitrose
then asked the lady in the bakery for directions
and then we walked. 
we had no idea where we were going
or how far away the train station was from here. 
we must've walked several miles all told, 
past fancy houses with names like
'greystoke hall'
and places that looked just like those places only a little cleaner
where rich american tourists could stay. 
eventually we reached the point. 
we slid through behind the cars into the nature conservatory
hoping that we wouldn't need passes and, 
if we did, 
that no one would notice. 
and then we walked some more. 
this time, through forests. 
i picked up a magpie feather from the ground.