Jun 15
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Just a Flowery Day

This is a picture of a dark blue flower on a bright yellow background.
Jun 13


I had to explain to my class
the sublte differences in cows.
The difference between
a calf, heifer, and cow.
The difference between
a dry and a fresh cow.
Maybe this is why
I was voted 
class farmer.

(These are heifers)
Jun 13

Life's Real...

...Handsy on us sometimes, but all we can do is try to find the beauty in every situation.
Broke three needles handstitching this - my first sketchbook.
Jun 09

In a City

The Black and White dancer photograph was taken by Tricia Gustafson, and the rest I took myself.
Jun 06

Again & Again

Jun 05


Jun 04

Works of Art

May 31

May 11th

May 30


May 28

Summer Travel

A few photos from a Monhegan Island, ME trip, my dad's California trip, and a trip to Saguenay National Park in Canada last summer. (Of course I'm just getting to posting these now)
May 27

Orange Flower Water

As usual, I used the awkward screen-shot-in-Photos-with-black-border-to-avoid-being-cropped method, but as always, if someone knows a better way, please tell me. Happy Spring!
May 27