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My Garden Tiger

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White Squirrel

May 25

This is a warning

April 26, 2015
Richard tom was struck by a drunk
driver while Riding his bike 
in Hinesburg, Vermont.
He was less than a mile
away from his house.

I guess home really is where
there heart is,
Since the last beating
of his heart near his front doorstep!
That was almost 3 years 
ago today.
In Vermont, 2017 sixty-nine people
died from car accidents alone.

Eileen O’Brien, 59.

Michael Petralia, 22.

Kelly Boe, 55.

Emma Press, 24.
The lives of those lost aren't worth
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Cat In A Bag

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May 14


    When I am up in the treetop,
I feel safe,
No one can tell me what to do or say,
I can think what I want,
I feel peace,
I feel meaning,
I feel alive,
Escaping reality,
Exploring my imagination, 
Breath in…
Breath out…
 My mind filled with 
sweet nothingness…        
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