Jul 19

Syrup & Cows Comic Series - 12-3-18

"America the Beautiful"

(The caption at the bottom was cut off when uploaded)

This comic is all of my own creation (idea/caption and illustration)
Jul 19

Syrup & Cows Comic Series - 2/18/18

Caption:  "Look Honey, another Vermont license plate.  Pull up closer and let's see if we know them!"

I illustrate a weekly one panel cartoon for www.thewinooski.com, a Vermont satire website.  The cartoon series is titled Syrup & Cows and is a collaborative effort between myself and Adam Hall (creator of The Winooski).  Adam usually provides the topic/caption and I illustrate it as I see fit, although upon occasion the entire cartoon is my own creation (caption and all).
Jul 19
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Pen and Paint

Jul 17

Historial Characters

Original drawings of historical characters using ink and colored pencil.
Characters are:
Charles Martel
Ivan the Terrible
Queen Zenobia
Prince Shotoku
Jul 17

Song Decoder

We usually appreciate music for it’s rhythm, melody, or beat. However, most writers (and others) would agree that the best music also has capturing, complex, even symbolic lyrics. Similar to literature, these lyrics are interpreted differently by every listener.

What do you hear? Take the lyrics from a favorite song (or any song) and write a poetic or prose  translation. What do these lyrics mean to you? Do you draw from personal experiences in your appreciation of them? What mental images do the lyrics invoke? How does the instrumental portion of the song influence your interpretation of the lyrics?

Remember to list the song title, album, if applicable, and credit the artist. 
Jul 16

Behind the Title

Titles are important - they should catch a reader’s interest, introduce the piece, and describe it in just a few words. Therefore, the process for deciding on a title can be complex. 

Tell us your process. Pick a title from one of your pieces, and tell us about it in a poem or story. What do you associate with this title? How does it relate to the piece it introduces? Is there a separate story about the title itself?
Jul 12
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Jul 11


Jul 10


He looked at you
with those eyes again.

The ones that beg you to hold him.

And you would
if you weren't afraid of his lightning. 

He reminds you of the jellyfish
you found last summer. 

It was small 
and beautiful 
and was everything 
that a lonely ocean girl longs for. 

You love him. 
You did when you met him, when he smiled at you. 
Jul 06
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An American Patriot

I chose Ethan Allen because he helped in the Revolutionary War. He conquered Fort Ticonderoga. He spread out his troops and conquered it by sneaking in. Also because he's related to us.
Jul 03
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The Remains

Even the rains
cannot renew 
the remains.

Or can
Jun 27

Richmond, VT

Jun 23

Proud to Be

I wrote it on a flag.
His flag that flew from here to Florida and then home
With him.
I will miss you more than I even know yet,
I wrote.
 My blue permanent maker letters
Bled into the white nylon stripes.
Yes, I filled two of them;
Wordiness runs in my genes, in my ink,
And apparently on nylon, too.

I skipped the red stripe so that my message matched everyone else's.