Sep 14
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photographs from london pt 1

hey so i know it's been more than a month since i actually got back from england but i was looking over the photos i took and decided to post some of them on here. 'some' meaning so many i have to do it in two parts... this is worcester (1), bradford (2), the sand dunes in formby (3 and 4, the girl in the photo is not me but you can't really see her face so i think it's okay), london (5, 6, 7, 8). more to follow. 
Sep 09

dancing with the sun

6:37 PM.
early september.

follow me,
called the sun.

and so we did.

up and over the hill,
bike wheels on dirt road
cool breeze in loose hair
the world on fire.

an open field
tinted by the filter of late summer. 

we run and spin and smile and talk and sing and laugh and live.

the world is broken.
it's battered and bloody and bruised
damanged and disfigured and distressed.

but it's also this,
whole and joyful and jubilant. 

we're alive.

and so
we dance with the sun. 

8:24 PM
early september.

it will get better,
whispers the sun.

we forget we ever doubted otherwise. 
Sep 09
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Sunny days

Sep 07

A Day

Sep 04

Pretty Skies

Sep 04


There is so much beauty in nature. I am lucky enough to capture it in pictures every now and then. 
Sep 03

carrie and louise, louise and carrie; cont.

character ideas that eventually became louise and carrie. made with fashmates.
Sep 01
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Save The Trees

image description

A hand holding a piece of paper that say "Save The Trees" and a speech bubble with the words "I need this printed on 10,000 papers"
Sep 01


docile women make it to people magazine 
brash women make it to the throne 

Aug 31


Aug 27

Ferris Wheel

Aug 25

forest girl

she had strength, yet
the prospect of winning
terrified her deeply. 
Aug 21

Foggy Photographers

Taken atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.
Aug 21

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise

Taken atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. 
Hundreds of people had come to watch the sunrise, more than I had ever seen. They came to watch something that happens every day, literally! The sun rises every single day of the year and we don't come outside to watch it. Something about being on a mountain makes people want to wake up early to go watch the single most reliable event in the world. I pondered this for a while, questioning why I too did this.