The China Project - Overview

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The China Project, was a multi-media chronicle of the Vermont Youth Orchestra's performing tour of China in the summer of 2007. Young Writers Project held workshops, created and maintained a multi-media blog (since retired, sorry) and published student work in newspapers, on Vermont Public Radio and Vermont Public Television and on stage at First Night/Burlington. Click the keyword, "China Project" to see all the material, or click on some of the specific links below.

Many thanks to the China Project's sponsors: Vermont Business Roundtable, Physician's Computer Company, Advance Music, Johnson State College and the Vermont Youth Orchestra.

While the trip garnered many news stories in Vermont papers, most are no longer archived or are hidden behind a "pay" wall on the newspapers' sites. Sorry. 

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The VYO is finally back! I loved thier blogs that they wrote on their trip to China. I loved how one person experianced how it is to be the only white person walking on the streets of China. It's kind of like me, being the only chinese girl in school. I just thought it was very cool!

Love is friendship set on fire, but it's one fire I'm willing to die in.


I like the sound of that. IT sounds reallly cool

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Oh good

I job shadowed one of the producers of Vermont edition, Sarah Ashworth, today. Jane Lindholm mentioned you'd be on Friday. I'll be listening!

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I like what they are doing. Plus i am CHinese haha XD rock on!!!!!