Sep 01


The COMMUNITY JOURNALISM PROJECT (CJP), now in its second year in the 2020-21 school year, offers writing and photo challenges, journalism skills-building, online workshops, and publication throughout the school year. Watch the site for weekly updates. This project is for students and teachers, inside and outside of the classroom.

Historic Times Call for Great Writing!
The next 12 months are shaping up to be a turning point in American history, affecting the future for years to come. YWP's Community Journalism Project provides a place for you to speak out, share your views with the YWP community, and get published! Respond to the weekly journalism challenges or write your own opinion about the issues that matter to you — the 2020 election, the pandemic, racial justice, climate change, your local community, anything! CJP posts will be considered for publication as the Daily Read, in The Voice, on, in our Vermont newspaper series, and in Anthology 12. Join us!
  • Sign into your YWP account, or join Teachers can create an account and submit on behalf of students (or even better – students create their own accounts. Parental permisson for those under 13.)
  • Try the JOURNALISM CHALLENGES. This list grows as the school year progresses, and each week, a community journalism challenge is featured on the front page of the site. The prompts are ordered by the month they appear on the front page, but there are no fixed deadlines. You can write to any of the prompts any time through the school year and YWP editors will find them and select the best for publication.
  • Get published! YWP sends your writing, photos, and art to our media partners for publication: weekly in the Burlington Free Press,, and Valley News; monthly in the Addison Independent, Bradford Journal-Opinion, Brattleboro Reformer, Charlotte News, Essex Reporter, Milton Independent, Rutland Herald, St. Albans Messenger, Times Argus and Williston Observer. We highlight your work on the front page of our site, and publish it in our monthly digital magazine, The Voice, and in our annual anthology.
Check out this story about the Community Journalism Project in the Burlington Free Press!

The Community Journalism Project is a free program, thanks to the generosity of our supporters: The Norsaga Fund, Lisa Schamberg and Patrick Robins, the Windham Foundation, the National Life Group Foundation, and Gannett Foundation/USA Today Network. We also wish to thank the following donors for their ongoing support of YWP, including The Bay and Paul Foundations, Physician's Computer Co., and Vermont Business Roundtable. THANK YOU!

More info here! Or contact Susan Reid, YWP Executive Director, [email protected]; (802) 324-9538.