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About Ideaboard

Jan 22

Every day we have ideas. Some of them are lousy. Some are great. How do you know unless you write it?

This space is aimed at having you get in the habit of jotting down ideas that come to you -- something you heard, something that crept on you, something that came to you when you were reading or running or riding in a car or seeing someone walking in the street, or something, something that came to you in a flash of atonishing electric brilliance that lights up your entire brain and you cannot, simply cannot, wait another moment before you scribble it down.

Because you will forget. Trust me.

So here's a place to jot them down. From anywhere -- especially -- your smartphone, if you're so lucky. Then, when the spirit moves you, glance back through some of those ideas and see what you can make of one.

And that's what the ideaboard is all about. -- gg


Quick. . . type a series of random words that pop into your mind. Then create a story using those words. Make it unique.
I love checking in on the Ideaboard for inspiration. We're working on new writing challenges for this summer and next school year -- I see some great ones here (thank you!!) Please add more and we'll keep checking back. All ideas welcome!!
Look out the nearest window and think about what it would be like to be on the atomic level of those objects you see out the window.
Pick up the closest object to you and write a poem about it.
Go into the future! What's it like?
personal narrative. But change it up a bit
plants, animals,foods,life
Create a planet, Solar system, or even a galaxy. Then write about it. What is it like on the planet? Are there any life forms? Are there any moons? What is the name of your planet, solar system, or galaxy?
Electronics surround us. Your phone dies. What do you do?