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Jan 22

Every day we have ideas. Some of them are lousy. Some are great. How do you know unless you write it?

This space is aimed at having you get in the habit of jotting down ideas that come to you -- something you heard, something that crept on you, something that came to you when you were reading or running or riding in a car or seeing someone walking in the street, or something, something that came to you in a flash of atonishing electric brilliance that lights up your entire brain and you cannot, simply cannot, wait another moment before you scribble it down.

Because you will forget. Trust me.

So here's a place to jot them down. From anywhere -- especially -- your smartphone, if you're so lucky. Then, when the spirit moves you, glance back through some of those ideas and see what you can make of one.

And that's what the ideaboard is all about. -- gg


I got an idea and thought I would write it down...

Write about a character that begins to realize that they are being controlled by a writer, and so they begin to rebel against the plot of their own story.


A robot who gradually becomes self aware? What causes these? What do they do with their awareness?
A puff of dandelion floats above the tops of the cropped grassy lawn, past my eye to the ocean beside me.

What kind of places will the seeds visit? How does it relate to the story? What does it do, if anything?
Write a short story about the dandelion seed's journey.
Humanity is a cosmic blink--the universe opens its eyes again, we'll be gone.
You have 50 days to live, 5000 dollars and no worries in the world. Where do you visit? Who do you meet? What trouble would you cause knowing that it's going to be entertaining?
This came to me really late last night:
Nothing exists but me in this world of heartbreak and greed.
Write a piece with 5 different beginnings, and no end.
Is it running from your problems, if your hiding in plain sight?
I always just kind of love the
creative usernames
we get around Youngwriters
I heard this quote today,
Live, Laugh, Love
If that doesn't work,
Load, Aim and Fire.

Strangely true, isn't it?
yes... ;)
11/30/2017 - 9:51pm
12/07/2017 - 9:39am
Write about your bucket list or to-do list.
Prompt: write a short story about an important decision. Write both sides of the story. For example, if the decision was "I'm going to quit my job" write about what would happen if you actually did quit your job and what would happen if you didn't.
I woke up
Got Dressed
I then went outside
Fed my animals
Ate breakfest
Said bye to my parents
And then went to the bus stop
Went to school
And then I took my test
Came home
Went for a walk
Had a snack
Did my homework
Watched a movie
Walked my animals
Ate Dinner
Went to sleep
A random idea that came to me at lunch today: a world that is ruled by snakes, and in which humans exist, but are nearing extinction due to a massive war between the slithery creatures.
"The blue wings of a small bird barely move up in a grey sky and so I leave myself behind to imagine its working eyes.

I’d like to feel as though I am happy and fulfilled, which is another way of saying you wish a bird in the sky you can barely see is your favorite color of day. This is it, this is all, a lie, a blessing."

What is the story of a kind of person who comes to think and feel something like this?
what if you were invisible. not literally, but in the way that no one really saw you, even though you were there. you were so easily forgotten....what would you do?
Idea for generating ideas:
Write as many as fast as you can in a minute or two
(okay, not the most original idea).

A bunch of ravens fly into town and devour everyone on the streets.
Jellyfish are becoming a popular dish
Kites are actually animals tied to strings which battle each other in flight
A guy with perpetual deja vu
Jeans start cutting off your blood supply so that they can eat your legs
Deodorant is a new condiment— a lifehack that everyone now uses.
Sand is migrating to the floors of public places
Red is now banned
Political correctness is a law
Elephants are the new mode of transportation
Eyeballs are given as gifts
Personalities, not just organs, are donated after death
Flashlights are used to attract moths and then sell them
There is no school
Watermelons are bred to be the size of horses.
Writing cafe: words served, words charged.

Probably 90% crap... but you never know. (I did use that last one a couple years ago).
Idea for idea for idea? Going through old writing. A lot of it you won't even remember... at all. Good for inspiration/laughs, especially if you share it.
09/12/2017 - 8:53pm
The personalities and organs one is really interesting. I bet it could be fleshed out into something kind of disturbing, but fascinating.
09/19/2017 - 6:02pm
^^^i agree
09/22/2017 - 8:52pm
One day, out of the blue, you get a call from a stranger asking for your help. The person gives you an address and tells you to come quickly before hanging up. What happens next?
You are traveling by yourself on the moorland when you come across an old merry go round. Out of curiosity, you start asking around in the town you are staying in about it. What happens?
You are traveling on a road with a blind girl, an old man, a former military woman, and a dog. How did you end up together? What happened? Where are you going, and why?
You are out biking in the countryside when it starts to rain. In seconds you are swept up in a flood and lose conciousness. When you wake, you are lying in a straw bed in a barn with some horses and no bike. A woman walks in a tells you that the flood swept you halfway across the country, miraculously without drowning. You tell her you have to get home. What happens?