What these Online Workshops offer you

YWP now offers you an evolving collection of fun -- but challenging -- online workshops that will allow you to "mess around" with genres and digital media that interest you, help you with your school work -- or with some practical needs like job letters and college essays -- and help you explore issues that matter to you -- all with youths around the country and world.

Workshops led by a YWP expert and a college mentor and are open to 12-19 year-olds. Each month we roll out 4-5 new 30-day workshops.  You will be given a series of bite-sized steps -- and plenty of time to complete them -- and you will end up with a finished project that may amaze even you. You'll exchange feedback with others participating in the workshop. You'll also hear from the mentors and workshop leader. Often you'll have live chats or video conferences. All workshops will help you develop your own ideas, revise and finish up with something of which you are proud that could be published and/or included in your school portfolio. (And YWP intentionally is setting these up so that you could potentially get credits if your school allows.)
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But what is it exactly?

YWP offers a collection of online workshops offered to community members of this site. We offer these for free, but if you are able, or you parents are able, we'd love to have a donation to offset the cost of these workshops. DONATE HERE.

Each month, YWP will start a new workshop in some aspect of writing and digital media. 

Workshops are artist-led and will also have a college mentor. They're aimed to help you hone an existing skill, develop a new skill and/or explore a particular topic that interests you. They are broken into bite-sized pieces where you learn by creating, sharing and exchanging feedback with other participants, mentors and the workshop instructor. All the workshops allo you to develop your own ideas, proceed at your own pace and finish with a tangible product that can be published, included in your portfolio or apply towards school credit.

Note: Each workshop has a 30-day duration, but some will reappear for a return engagement! 

Workshops are rated for difficulty and complexity on a scale from 1 (anyone can participate) to 3 (chops recommended). We also estimate the time needed to complete the Workshop -- which will always result in a piece of work you can be proud of. Do enough of these, you can approach your school and see if you can get academic credit.

We will do our best to offer with level 1 and 2 Workshops that give you ALL the skills you need to take a level 3. 
Can I see the possibilities?
Yes, if you are logged in, click the link, under RESOURCES, that says "ALL WORKSHOPS" which contains past, future and present workshops. AND, email [email protected] if one appeals or you have an idea for one.
Will I interact with the instructor?
Yes. She/he will give you feedback and will hold live chats and/or video conferences with the group. 
Can I get school credit for this?
YES, but talk to us AND talk to your school to find out what would be required. We would be happy to work with you to adjust the workshop -- including identifying proficiencies, establishing some form of overall assessment, filling out forms, etc., whatever it takes.