Sep 28

Best of the year, every year

Our anthologies are our signature publication at YWP! Each school year, we gather and publish the best writing and visual art selected from some 10,000 submissions to Anthology 13 represents the writing and art of 2021-22. Big congratulations to everyone who is published in this book!

Watch the site for news of our next anthology! Anthology 14 will be published in September 2023!

Check out the Anthology 13 video of interviews and readings, created by YWP intern Sam Aikman over the summer of 2022!


Special thanks to the George W. Mergens Foundation
for making the publication of our anthologies possible!


TO ORDER COPIES OF ANTHOLOGY 13 AND ANY OF YWP'S ANTHOLOGIES, contact YWP Executive Director Susan Reid at [email protected]; include your name, mailing address, and number of requested copies. Suggested donation $10/copy through YWP's Donate page or click here. Thank you!
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