Jan 08

Thank you, thank you, thank you

What a wonderful day it was Friday as so many many people participated in VERMONT WRITES DAY!

The day was Young Writers Project's annual day of honoring writing, a day when people of all ages in Vermont (and our friends around the country) took just seven minutes (or more) to write to any of seven fun prompts, including 4Photos (above). Or they picked "General" and wrote about their own ideas. 

Many schools participated and principals, teachers, teachers' aides, visitors also jumped in. Many schools reported that their entire school participated and also took time out to share what had been written.

We could ask for nothing more to show the importance of writing and the fun of writing.
Nov 10

See Winter Tales this week

Oct 19

Snow Dawn

Waking up
To the silent sound 
Of snowflakes twirling 
To the ground.
It's barely dawn
With the sun rising 
from its chambers 
beneath the mountains,
The stars unwilling to dim 
their short-lived light.
Yet the snowflakes mirror them,
Drifting to fill the valleys
In a cold, crisp carpet.
Walking out
To the half-darkness of winter,
The beauty within the ice,
The sword within the stone.
Sensing the danger in the snow,
Yet unable to pull away
From trees that seem to glow.
No one has ever been able to resist Winter.
It's the right time for wonder.
If you're going to take a plunge into mystery,
Then waking up to snowflakes
Falling outside your window
Is, perhaps, the best way to do it. 
Oct 19

The Jump

The Jump
My feet crunched the snow as my thick boots led me toward the hill. It was mid-winter, a warmer day than most, and the tramping was making my forehead sweat. My friend Clementine was ahead of me, my short legs and puffy snowsuit weighing me down-and slowing me down. Finally, I reached the top of the hill. I sat down, not caring if my butt got wet or not. Mindlessly, my mittens picked up a ball of snow and packed it evenly. This was the best packing snow of the winter. It was the perfect mixture of wet and fluffy, a combination rare at least to Vermont. Judson, another friend, was thinking the same thing.
Sep 22

The YWP story

Sep 20

The Voice - Fall 2018

Aug 20

SoundCheck! Social Justice! March 21!

SOUNDCHECK - YWP'S Writing Workshop and Open Mic

EVENT LEADERS: YWP writers LadyMidnight and Icestorm with Rajnii Eddins
Burlington City Arts, 135 Church Street, Burlington, VT
It's FREE! There's pizza! Open to all!
To find out more about SoundCheck and other events at Young Writers Project, contact [email protected]

Aug 20

YWP Events 2019

Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

I wouldn't mind having a rusty pick-up truck.
I could spread blankets in the back
and lay down to watch a movie at the drive-in.
I could look at stars
and it wouldn't matter if I'm alone or not
because I'd be happy there.
Even if the doors are a little squeaky
and the tires need changing,
it'd be good enough for me.
- Rovva

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