Jul 15


You gave me light, now all I see is dark 

You gave me love, now the hate makes me blind 
I gave you my heart, you returned it so fast

I spilled out all my intentions on my brain

I was in that place, full of darkness and hate, you pulled me out

You made me love, you gave some back

But now you hid my heart, somewhere I can’t find 

But even in this place, I still have love for you

I just wanted to spend my time with you

Now that time is gone, never to be in my mind 
I thought you loved me, I don’t understand what I didn’t see

And yet still your on my brain

Yet still in the hatred, I still find love you 

Talking with you, man I felt so alive 

You made me say “fuck suicide, I’m so alive with you”

 When my demon was whispering bad advice

You became my angel, whispering good advice 
Jul 10


I’m going to keep it real, this is getting kind of extra

I told you stop texting, so why the hell do I see your message

I told you I need space, I need to navigate this wreckage

I felt so constricted, I can finally move unrestricted

I can finally swim ashore, spread my wings and soar

I’ve lifted myself out of that combat zone

But don't get it twisted, I’m not alone

I can give me time, so please don’t hit up my phone
Nov 12

Nature Trail

The birds sing loudly as I walk down the old beaten path, leaves and twigs, being crushed and snapped under the sole of my boot. The squirrels scurrying around the ground looking for nuts to survive the winter. The sound of the cicadas who have emerged from the ground and are seeing above the soil for the first time in seventeen years. The trees are overlooking the whole forest, towering over everything, only the birds can reach heights taller than them, the guardians of the forests. The ant colonies scurrying to find food for their queen and young, marching in almost perfect lines across the trail, ignoring anything that might walk across them. As I walk down the trail, I stop at a stream, the water rushing down hill, if you lean closer to the water's edge you can see the water striders glide effortlessly atop the water. If you look below the striders you can see schools of tiny minnows seemingly lost as they dart randomly in the clear water.
Nov 05

What is in the Box?

I found an old box in the attic. Covered in cobwebs and dust, the metal hinges were rusty, and would probably squeak if they ever moved again. The rusty hinges would move again if the key was found. The lock on the box was rusting but not as bad as the hinges. Now the box was wooden, rotting, and might have had a nest of carpenter ants or termites in the box, judging by the ocasional hole here or there all over the box. Shaking the box gave the heart a little skip in beat. When you shook the box made a jingling sound, a possibility of coins or jewelry could have been thought to be in this old, rusting, rotting box in the attic. The key to the old, rotting, rusting wooden box in the attic was tough to find. First you had to rummage through a ton of boxes, and to get to other boxes you had to step over boxes you had already rummaged through, there were also old rusty nails you had to look out for, unless you wanted tetanus of course.
Apr 03

A Rant About Mass Shootings

You know there is something that I don’t understand. With all the mass shootings that have happened this year, why haven’t we just taken away the assault weapons. Nobody needs an assault rifle, unless they are in the armed forces/SWAT of their nation. There is almost no need to need an assault rifle, unless it is an old one from a war like World War II, and you are someone who is renovating it for a museum to put on display. I know this won’t solve the problem of mass shootings completely, but I do believe this will help with it. I’m not saying take away all the guns, I know people hunt, I have no issue with bolt action weapons, or rifles being used to hunt. How many shootings will it take for those in power to realize that assault rifles are not needed for the average citizen. I know nobody will want to hear the sound of gunshots at their school/workplace or wherever they may be and have to run for cover/ out of the building.
Sep 20

Grinning Skull

    Back in 7th grade, I said I will probably move to Texas. I didn’t, but I went to a different school for the 8th grade. So at my current school, there are some people that went to school with me in 7th. Today one of them said “you lied to us, you said you were moving”. So I responded saying “I didn’t lie, I said probably, and probably implies that there is a chance it won’t happen”. So they decided to exaggerate, there was other people there too, we had 10 minutes of free time after class. The person said they had thrown some going away party (it never happened). I apologize that you didn’t hear me say probably, but why lie, what is the point, to make me seem like a fool? This is what I don’t understand about teenagers, they like to exaggerate stories, to make it seem someone did something bad, why? I was casually responding to them here and there, which I shouldn’t have to be honest, not trying to have an argument to look forward to tomorrow.
Apr 18


Two words                

Nine letters total

Six guesses

Or you lose








Triple bonus points






No body parts


One more


You won

“Please Help”

With what?

You don’t know?

I told you it was nothing

If it was nothing, we wouldn’t be playing
Jan 17

The Secret 8th Dwarf

Name: Mute
Traits: silent, always in corners, likes slasher films  
Bio: Mute never spoke a word since his birth, his other seven brothers think that he wants to be like Jason Voorhees in that aspect. His brothers never really noticed him since he was nowhere to be found. Mute never ran away but once his brothers thought he ran away and went searching for hours, thinking he was gone for good they went home, only to find him sitting down watching Halloween. When Snow White came, Mute never like her positive attitude, so he was nowhere to be found. His brothers never told her about him, thinking she will get herself in trouble trying to find him. Doc says “it is only a minor case of serious brain damage”. Happy always says “ he will talk one day and he will be just like us”, but Grumpy says “he will probably kill all of us with all the slasher films he watches”. It is unknown but it is rumored that Mute tried to get the Big Bad Wolf to get Snow.     

Oct 05


Sep 27

Shy ft. EmilyAnne

I see you.

Every day.

Walking, talking, laughing

Acting like I’m not here.

My heart screams out

But I continue to be silent.

I wish I were bold

Enough to take your hand

And make you see

The things

I see every day.

Your eyes never wander

So I can’t see the secrets

Or the lies

Swimming in them.

I want to crown you my queen

We can rule our little empire

You’ve shown me wisdom, I like that

I’ll be your king

Only if you want

I don’t know what's on your brain

Is there love in your veins?

I’m wondering if this is the real thing

I pretend your not there

I’m nervous

I don’t want to hear you say “no”

Don’t know if I’m going to feel like this again