Sep 21
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My magical Creature!

Her scales flash and glitter as she wags her bejeweled tail, reflecting the sun into the water. The fluff on her under now drips with the saltwater.

Everywhere except her face, belly, and legs are covered in iridescent blue, green, and purple scales while her face, legs, and belly are covered with pink, fluffy fur.

She wades back into the ocean until it’s only her multi-colored horns that rest on the top of head. But when she jumps up and plunges down to the depths, she is out of sight. As she can breathe underwater, she could stay down there as long as she wants. But a few minutes later, she twirls ten feet out of the water with sun behind her, making it look as if she was lit from within.Water that came with her spirals back to the ocean, landing with little ripples.

She comes here every evening to play and watch the sun set.
Sep 21
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The Uninhabited Island

Sep 10
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This Utopia

 This Utopia
This waterfall falls in a never-ending cycle, its water pounding on the rocks below it, emitting a steady chorus of thumps.

Its sound attracts birds of all different sizes, colors, and patterns that swoop and fly freely in the air, some leaving white marks on the ground (if you know what I mean…:D). Behind the waterfall is a cave that lets out into a dome-shaped rock face that protects the clearing from light like a curtain of darkness, casting the climbing spot in endless shadow.

Bears cubs and who-knows-what kids play in the water, while their parents stretch(sleep) on the soft green grass, soaking up alllllll the sun and warmth. In this Utopia, waaayyyy before humans came along, the animals can live peacefully without fear of, you know, becoming extinct (well, at least until the meteor:D). 
Sep 24
poem challenge: Sunrise
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The Sunrise.

Houses line the lonely streets, and the sun is gradually rising. 
Beautiful flaming rays of gold dance across the barren streets and cast light across the cobblestone brick.
 Birds fly in formation toward the south, and the empty streets come alive.
 I feel like a cold blanket smothering my heart is letting go and flying.
 A light snow shower drizzles me with cold cotton balls. The sun melts them and warms both my body, and heart. 
I stick out my tounge to taste the cool balls of white,
and look up to the sun, its brilliance, oh so bright.
I smell sweet lavender candles, and feel the cold snow on my bare feet.
I inhale through my nose and stare down at the street
Sep 10
fiction challenge: Folklore
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The Farmer and His Children

Once upon a time, by a small cottage in a meadow, filled with summer flowers and corn, children played. Their names were “Jack and Sally”. Their father, Greg, was a farmer and built their cottage from the trees in the nearby forest long ago.

 Their mother, Jane, (Tried) to watch over them and keep them in line but the children were incorrigible.
 Once, when their father was gone, and their mother was inside, Sally and Jack decided to go on an adventure (not knowing the danger of the woods). They took some food and set off. Later, Jane looked through the window, but the youngsters were nowhere in sight.

 “Sally! Jack!” She hollered “Where are you?!” Desperation hollowed her voice. Soon she saw Greg coming closer. “Oh Greg I’ve looked all over for them!” “Whom?” Inquired Greg, “Our children!!!” She cried.
Sep 04
nonfiction challenge: Summer
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Busking on Church Street

Church Street was abuzz with activity as I walked down the brick cobblestones. When I discovered a spot across from the restaurant, the diners there shifted in their seats, obviously bracing for unpleasant squeakiness. They probably think that random 10-year-olds aren’t that good.

I tuned my violin and tightened my bow. My violin is dark brown and has beautiful tone. Given I’m 10 years old and 4’4”, my violin’s pretty small.

Then, I took a deep breath and let the romantic tone of “Czardas” by Monti flow through me. “Czardas” has a deep melodic tone that has been known worldwide.

I tuned out and with every shift in position, every bow push or pull, I felt peaceful, happy.

When I opened my eyes my case was filled to the brim with money, and the diners now clapped and smiled.

Before I knew it the song was over and applause surrounded me and I bowed, unable to do anything else.