Dec 02
fiction challenge: Fairytales

My fairy tail

The wedding bells ring insistently as tears roll down her rosy cheeks and ruin her mascara, making little puddles on the marble floor. 

“Come now, mummy will make it better…”But, instead of comforting her as Bella had hoped, The princess’s mother took a napkin and brushed away the dark splotches on her face and redid the makeup.

As Bella walks down the aisle, she puts on the mask of a proud and overjoyed girl that can’t wait to be married to a rich snob like Oliver.

He’s standing with the bishop, smiling smugly at her, then turns to face the crowd of young ladies swooning over the young prince in the pearl white tuxedo. He flashes them a winning smile to hear their gasps of excitement before turning his attention to Bella, now standing at the altar, feeling cold resignation and dread.

“We are gathered here today to witness the union between Bellatrix Statinlonger
Nov 21

My Magical Garden

The mockingbird’s songs fill the cool crisp air of spring with a melodic tune that seems to boost the speed of the parsnips growing. However, the potatoes and beans seem to be taking their time this year.

A white-tailed deer roams the grass towards nightfall, grazing without a care in the world.

I’m not surprised, in the magical land of Parquaner, it’s common for deer to walk through in the evening.
This beautiful, warm, sunny day leaves me hunching over, watering my blueberry bush.

The sun burns my skin and makes me thirst for lemonade so I stand up as an idea grabs hold.

Feeling quite fortunate that my lemons just became ready for harvesting, I grab some and make the tasty drink.

You know what they say…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Nov 11

Saint Anastasia (Responding to future weekly challenge)


Who is a saint? A saint is a person that either performed a miracle in life or was martyred, and in death was prayed to. A saint’s patronage could be: music, stars, Ireland, you name it. You often pray to a saint relating to the patronage.


“Anastasia! You don’t have time to ogle at dogs all day long when there is work to be done!” Yells her(grumpy) father “Now, please go gather dinner from the shed.”
Nov 04


“Here you go!” Croaked the hobbling hag as she pushed the potion into my eager hands. The all-seeing potion almost slipped out of my hands, which were slick with sweat. I raised the green, bubbly potion to my trembling lips and tilted it back, swallowing it in one awful-tasting gulp. Everything spinned and blurred, so I closed my eyes. 

When I opened my eyes—Oh. My. God. At once, I see all 360 degrees.  When I touched my eyes, I felt a strip around my head. I thought, “That must be how I see everything.” 

As a guard of the Crown Prince of Romali, I had been asked to heighten my ability to protect the monarch-to-be, the other guards had also received that instruction. Thinking that the witch was my best option, I galloped over to her to get a potion to see in all directions. After the ambush on the prince while he slept, we only barely defended him against the unknown attacker. I don’t  want that to happen again.
Oct 28

The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day
I roused after a vivid dream of running in the woods with my dog, feeling thoroughly rested and ready to enjoy Christmas with my family in the snowy land of Vermont.

Me and my brother wait impatiently while my dad sets up the camera and makes coffee. Finally he lets us climb down the stairs and walk into the living room. I gasp at the gifts littering the room while Lukey laughs as Zelda, my dog tackles him with kisses. Lukey and I take turns opening and giving presents for about 20 minutes of fun.

Then, we eat Belgium waffles for breakfast and play some of the new board games like Ticket to ride Australia. We got Zelda an extra special big bone for Christmas too!

Then, we watched Christmas classics, (“Christmas Vacation”, “Frosty the Showman”, etc.) for a few hours.

After the movie marathon, we ate Baked Ziti for lunch and talked about our presents.
Oct 17


Fluffy snow embraces me softly as I land from a front flip on the snow mountain. My dog, Zelda runs to me, seemingly alarmed as she licks my face. I laugh and throw her frisbee, watching as she races through the thick snow and leaps into the air to catch it. Getting bored, I run into our house, grab a shovel and run back outside to the snow mountain. I pick a spot in the mountain and drive my shovel into it.

My dog sprints up to me and begins clawing furiously at my digging spot while wagging her tail like a fast-paced pendulum. Together, we quickly make a hole that fits both of us comfortably and crawl in. We sit like that for a while, just breathing and thinking. Thirty or so minutes later, Zelda and I go inside for a hot cup of cocoa!

Winter is my faviourite season!
Oct 07


One crisp October morning, while the Fitz family was still counting their sheep, snug in bed, two exercise machines were hosting a heated argument (at least the thermostat said so!).
“Everyone has more fun with me!” the trifling treadmill boasted proudly.
“They go faster on me!” the petty Peloton shot back, to the brim with contempt.
“I’m bigger!” the treadmill shouted back heatedly.
“I’m prettier!” the Peloton spit, full with venom.
The drowsy couch just woke up from a filling nap, saw them discussing, and shrank back. However, the Peloton was on him quicker than its wheel spins while someone is riding it.
“Which of us is better?” implored the Peloton breathily.
“Ummmmm… You?”
''See? I’m better!” the treadmill and Peloton said to each other in unison.
Oct 04


                                                                                            MY INVENTION
You know when you have a really important meeting tomorrow about whatever that starts really early and you know a regular alarm won't help?(I can never get up:)) Well, we've got you covered (Literally)! This alarm clock throws you out of your bed with the sheet! It can also flip you around a little bit! If it detects that you're moving and awake, it just lets you back down by your bed!
I know, right? Amazing!
Sep 21

My magical Creature!

Her scales flash and glitter as she wags her bejeweled tail, reflecting the sun into the water. The fluff on her under now drips with the saltwater.

Everywhere except her face, belly, and legs are covered in iridescent blue, green, and purple scales while her face, legs, and belly are covered with pink, fluffy fur.

She wades back into the ocean until it’s only her multi-colored horns that rest on the top of head. But when she jumps up and plunges down to the depths, she is out of sight. As she can breathe underwater, she could stay down there as long as she wants. But a few minutes later, she twirls ten feet out of the water with sun behind her, making it look as if she was lit from within.Water that came with her spirals back to the ocean, landing with little ripples.

She comes here every evening to play and watch the sun set.
Sep 21

The Uninhabited Island