Oct 22
fiction challenge: First Line

First Line Of Sun

Oct 16

Abjure Thou Life

When girls are told that they exist to please men and nothing more, 
And they believe it,
A little piece of the sky falls away,
With every star that shoots down from the sky,
It fades into the darkness and dies with all hope the girl has for life.
Oct 16

A field of green grass

It was by chance we met,
In that field of green grass,
With the gale from the oncoming storm,
Like your eyes,
Was my first thought,
Your eyes like clouds and rain and wind,
My eyes like gold in that blazing sun,
Glinting off my hair and shining on my skin,
And you walked towards me with your dark hair swaying this way and that,
With the wind that was blowing the leaves and trees and clouds,
The clouds that held the storm among them,
The storm like your eyes,
Your eyes like the storm,
And the sun beat down on us warm and bright, 
Illuminating the dark clouds that would bring rain soon,
The rain in your eyes should cast a foreboding,
I thought,
But no,
Your eyes like rain and storm and wind brought hope,
Hope that you would find me,
With my eyes like dark rich honey, 
Against your icy cold eyes,
And dark black hair,
Against my shiny brown,
Oct 15

Afterglow Collage

Oct 09


As the vibrant watercolor stained sky performed its dance with the clouds,
The sun slowly dipped into the sea,
Casting golds and pinks across the cool waves,
Gull's songs drifted through the salt-filled evening breeze,
And the sails billowed above;
As you and I drift through the sea,
In our small boat,
We sing chanteys of water dragons and mermaids;
We sing until the sun's rays have succumbed to the dark starlit sky,
With the moons thin crescent hanging droopily above;
The sea becomes a deep, 
Ominous black,
And then we are surrounded by the obsidian,
Shrowding from above and below;
We wait,
With only the quiet lapping of the waves,
For dawn to come,
For the next day to rise with the sun,
And for it all to begin anew.

Oct 07

The Ten Most Beautiful Things

The first most beautiful thing is,
From the people I love,
It's bubbling joy coating every surface,
Like honey,
Gooey and sweet,
Like my dad's eyes,
Bright and crinkled at the edges from years of smiles.

The second,
Is the warm sunshine on my face,
Billowing in on the wind, 
And devouring me in its afternoon streamers.

The third,
Is a flower field in the sunset,
With a couple in love,
Sharing a moment of hallmark before dusk,
Before the high takes one fail swoop and becomes the lowest point in their lives,
Like the falling action of a romance,
They're left basking in the golden light of the fading sun,

Is the moon,
Intensely bright,
Like a magnitude of silver,
Surrounded by stars on a nice,
Clear night,
Cuddling close under a blanket,
Under the sky,
With a loved one, 
Sep 30

Rights i

Sep 29


When girls straps are showing,
Do we get dress coded?
When boys do something messy,
They're told that,
"Boys will be boys"?
Am I told over and over to,
"Stop complaining,
He probably just likes you"?
Am I getting in trouble for kicking him,
When he called me a baby?
Why do I keep getting in trouble for fighting back,
For speaking up,
For defending myself?
"Because that's not what girls do"
They say,
Well, why not?
Why don't girls do that?
Why are we blamed when boys get 'distracted' by our shoulders?
Why can't we get messy?
Why can't we stand up for ourselves?
Why do we have to be little damsels in distress waiting for some dude to come to our rescue?
Why don't we get equal rights?
Why do you have to say,
"Equal rights equal fights"?
Maybe you're right,
Sep 29

Winter Is Coming

A Haiku Done In Class;

The birds are preparing,
For the cold winter freeze at last,
And snow is coming.

It is brewing in,
The clouds are stormy and dark,
The leaves have fallen.

The sky is cool gray,
Awaiting its first dropping,
Of powder white snow.

The fall's sad demise,
Its bitterness is ending,
And so snow will come.

Leaves end their slow fall,
The trees become naked bones,
And so winter is here.

As we wait for snow,
We sit in the woods, hoping,
And then the snowfalls.
Sep 27
poem challenge: Magnificent

The picturesque

She had never seen anything so magnificent in her life.
It was so vibrant and beautiful,
Basking in the sun,
With its arms reaching up towards the sky.
The branches were lean and covered in beautiful red leaves.
It held her entire life in its worn,
Withered fingers.
She loved the tree
With every ounce of her being.
It was her home,
It was her heart,
And it was hers,
And rooted thoroughly in the soil,
Just waiting for her,
And she couldn’t believe it was hers.
So finally,
She ran to it,
And in one fluid leap,
She was atop it.
Climbing steadily,
Her breathing grew even,
And the fireflies came out to play,
Guiding her up,
Into the very highest branches of the majestic beast that was hers.
And as she sat in its nimble limbs, 
Looking out over the ocean,
With the dying light of the sun as a blanket,