Sep 22

Why Fight Through The Struggles?

I am a girl.
I am a student.
I am a representative of the "dream-daughter."
Why should I try so hard to impress the unimpressable?
I am wrong.
I am not trying hard enough.
I am forgetfulness.
I am wrong.
I am bad.
I am not enough.
So why do I feel responsible?
Why, when it's their expectations that scare me so much?
And why am I so scared to fail?
And to fall into the darkness that threatens to shove all other feelings into a little box in the farthest corner of my mind.
Why do I fight when it would be so much easier to give in to the pain.
Sep 22


As the sun slowly made its steep climb over the horizon,
we sat together on the wet grass,
marveling over the beautiful shades of pink and orange.

The light was pushing away the darkness of the thunderstorm from the night before.

And just like that,
the rain had stopped and the sun came back,
shielding us from the ominous depths of darkness.

And just like that darkness was being pushed out by the light,
our anger was being pushed out by the coming dawn.

As it encroached upon us,
we stood and embraced in the light.

Shadows of trees and clouds bloomed into the flower field around us,
and golden light danced across our faces,
casting us as part of the beautiful painting that sat before us.

The vexation we had been so focused on completely evaporated as we were in one another’s arms,
unyielding and strong in the sunlight. 

Sep 11


Everything was dark. It felt as though it had been weeks, months, years. I'd lost all concept of time. I tried to run, to scream, but nothing happened. I was stuck in a cold realm of shadow, with no way of escape. I couldn't remember who I was or how I got there. I ran and ran, yet I stayed completely still, my very bones yearning to push past my invisible bindings, but unable to. It was just darkness. Forever. Endless black. Endless shadow. Endless nothing. And an endless sentence in a cell of murky twilight. Forever trapped in obscurity. And unforgivably alone. 
Sep 08
poem challenge: Light


 As the tiny lights danced along the edge of the cabin, framing our faces in the pale yellow light of the fading sun, we danced to the songs we learned in elementary school. 

Daisies crowned our heads and the breeze brushed against our faces, trickling through our hair and blowing the willowy curtains from the windows.

Outside, the dogs played tag with butterflies and the trees billowed up above in the canopy of green.

Salt, carried on the wind, tickled our noses as the songs ended, and the sun set, leaving us alone with the light of the moon and stars to guide us to our beds, curled up with the dogs till we fell, gently, into a deep sleep, where the glow of the fireflies and sound of waves would keep us in a cradled bliss till morning.