Oct 21

Until You've Felt It

Until you've felt the horror to see the body you're in 

Just because it's not your gender 

Until you've felt ashamed of who you like 

Just because of what the church taught you from a young age 

Until you've felt the gaze of a man three times your age 

Just because you're wearing something you're comfortable in 

Until you've felt like you're worthless

Just because of who you are 

Don't tell me to "just get over it"

Don't tell me that what I should feel 

Don't tell me what I am feeling 

Until you've felt it 
Oct 19


When were you told your gender was inaccurate?
That being cis was wrong. 
That being straight was a sin. 
How many times have you felt ashamed for being straight and cis
Like you were wrong
And have you ever been told to 
"Just pick" because you're too indecisive 
Just pick someone to like 
I like everyone 
Just pick a gender, male or female 
I'm neither. 
So just let me be me. 
Have you ever felt like your gender was wrong 
If not, don't tell me how to feel 
Don't give me "advice"
It's not advice
Just leave me alone 
Leave me alone 
I'm me 
I'm beautiful however I look 
However I feel I'm still me 

Sep 22

Interview with a star

Interviewer: Hello Guys, Gals, Nonbinary pals, and all you lovely celestial objects. I’m Gary and today we’re here with Astro, the famous star who changed the universe. Astro, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Astro: Hey guys! I’m Astro! How are you all doing?

*cheering and applause*

Astro: I’m about 30 solar masses. That’s about 30 times the mass of your earth’s sun! Cause of that, when I died I became a black hole, pretty epic huh?

Interviewer: And that’s why this is a virtual interview! We don’t want you killing any of us and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to either! Now, let’s learn the story of your life! 

Astro: Oooh are we talking baby pictures cause I was a CUTE baby! Here’s a picture of me when I was still in a stellar nebula!

*animated stellar nebula picture*

Audience: awwwwwww
Sep 20

The "If" in life

There’s an “if” in life

“If” I’m good enough 

“If” I’m smart enough

“If” this works

Is the if in life possibilities I cant see?

Or is it the randomness of it all

The randomness I exist

The chance of me being alive is one in 400 trillion

So why do I regret that

That probability of my existing
Sep 20


I avoid my reflection most days 

Because when I look at myself I break

I know I am beautiful 

That’s not the problem

The girl standing in that mirror isn’t me

She’s confident and smart and has her life together

She’s a shell, a shield

I’m not her

I’m me

I’m afraid

I avoid my reflection most days

Because I’m scared about who I am

I’m not a girl

I’m not a “her”

I’m not a “she”

Stop calling me a girl, she, a women

That’s not who I am

I don’t care if you’re queer too

That doesn’t make it okay

I don’t care your dysphoria isn’t that bad

Your dysphoria isn’t mine

Look with more your eyes 

Stop and look at my soul 

Not my chest, not my hair, not my face

That doesn’t reflect me

I am ME