Jan 14
nonfiction challenge: Hardship
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Taekwondo is one of the most important and fulfilling things in my life right now, but that wasn't exactly the case during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Taekwondo has shaped most of my values in life, and has always been my go to activity in my life. In February and early March of 2020, everything was going well. We had our organization's annual gathering in Burlington VT, which barely missed the Covid wave that struck just after. That was when my training took a little bit of a stumble. We started to do Zoom classes twice a week, but it just wasn't quite the same. Our basement doesn't have the space to do forms without hitting a wall, and there can be no interactive drills on Zoom. During that time, my fitness level went down, and my overall aptitude for Taekwondo dropped. I never planned on quitting, but it just kept getting worse and worse. We did do some outside classes when summer came, but it didn't feel the same as the year prior.
Nov 18
poem challenge: Winter
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A Part of Me and a Part of Winter

As I look behind me at the season that was
The season of fall
I begin to realize that it is time to move on
To bring forth a new season
A colder one
A deadlier one
And a more enjoyable one
This season, commonly called winter, is slowly approaching
With it’s ice, snow, and chill
It’s unforgivingness and power
And it brings with it fun
Standing on the top of the mountain
I hold my snowboard in hand
Looking over the horizon, and seeing winter approach
The mountain across from me is covered in feet of snow
The air behind that mountain races towards me
Wanting to freeze
To harm
To kill
It can’t harm me 
I am a part of winter
Winter is a part of me
I am not whole while it is not here
A piece of me is missing
And as that wall of freezing wind hits me
I become whole again
Winter has no power over me
Only I have power of it


Oct 29
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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The Haunted Hotel

In a world where ghosts are feared and not widely accepted as being real, three ghosts go from abandoned home to abandoned home, looking for someplace to stay away from humans. Jack, Amy, and Randel, three average ghosts, move from their current dwelling when it falls apart or gets sold. For some 500 years, these ghosts have moved from house to house, not meeting a human once.
     “I’m tired of moving around so much.” Said Rendel. “ We have done this for 500 years. Don’t you guys think it's time for something a little more interesting?”
    “I mean… It has been a long time since we've done anything other than move around to different houses.” Agreed Amy.
“I guess we could do something different.” Said Jack, quiet as ever.
Oct 22
poem challenge: Objects
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A raindrop
It starts in the clouds
It falls onto houses
Onto cars
Onto People
Those people get wet and cold
They hate the raindrop
But the raindrop only wants to create life
It gives moisture to the soil
Makes plants grow
Its only purpose is to make life flourish
Yet they hate the raindrop
It makes rivers
Freezes, making snow
But the raindrop falls everywear
Not meaning to fall on people
After all
It's only a raindrop

Oct 18
fiction challenge: Skirts
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Fall and Summer

It was October, but Margo was still wearing short summer skirts. Though most people consider fall to be cold and inconvenient, Margo finds it the best season of the year. She loves the cold, the leaves, and, of course, the apples. Today she finds herself wearing a short summer skirt, not because she thinks it’s warm out, but because it reminds her of summer, her second favorite season. Margo finds that life is best lived when one can enjoy many things at once. Why not enjoy summer and fall at the same time? Today, she just enjoys living in the cool fall air, while also imagining being in the warm summer sunshine, feeling infinite below the blue sky. 
Sep 30
nonfiction challenge: Taste
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Chill Winter Air

Up here in New England, we are very fortunate to have different seasons. We have spring, summer, fall, and the best, winter. Being outside on a cold day activates all five senses. You can feel the briskness, smell the air, hear the whoosh of the wind, and see the snow drifting across the ground.

But to taste winter is the ultimate experience. You can taste winter in both a literal and a figurative sense. Picure being a kid, running outside to the freshly fallen snow, taking a heaping handful, and stuffing it in your mouth. Your head starts to hurt. A brain freeze. Breathing in, the wind going down your throat, filling your lungs and stomch with brisk air. It is a refreshing feeling.