Jan 12
nonfiction challenge: Hardship
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Biggest Hardship

Something that I have struggled to cope with these past couple of years is the suicide of a loved one. Having to deal with the fact that they were gone and that I would never see them again because of the choice that they made, was the worst things that I have ever been through. The first year after they were gone was spent worrying about why they did it. I used up so much time beating myself up about how I could’ve acted differently. I never stopped trying to convince myself that changing one small thing would result in them still being here. I was in so much pain and there were some days where I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about them or get myself to stop crying. Somewhere along the way though, it got easier. I was able to think about them and laugh, instead of breaking down. There are still days where it hits me harder than others, and I don’t think I will ever be completely healed from this, but I can safely say that life has gotten better.
Nov 30
poem challenge: Glittering
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Strangers' love

I set my mug down on the table.
I couldn’t manage to figure out the word cross.
I frustratedly dragged my hand across my face,
And decided to take a break.
I looked up at the crowd, and my eyes immediately found them.
In all my people-watching, I had never seen people like them.
Their eyes were so full of affection,
And joy radiated off of them like a golden cloud.
All of this love felt so warm, even from over here.

I watched their smiles grow,
And their conversations flow,
But only for each other.
They never seemed to notice anyone else, 
Their attention never strayed elsewhere.
I had never seen a bond such as theirs,
So beautiful and raw,
Just pure everlasting love.
There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me.
And all I could do
Was yearn for a love like theirs.
Nov 18
nonfiction challenge: Winter
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    Stepping out of the front door of my house, I was immediately greeted by the bite of the crisp morning air. My nose had turned a bright shade of pink that can only be brought forth by the chill of winter. My fingertips started to go numb, the feeling slowly creeping upwards as I hurried into my car. Shutting the door behind me with a loud thud, I gave a long exhale which resulted in a hazy cloud spreading out in front of me. I slid my key into the ignition and turned the heat on full blast, willing it to fill the car with warmth as fast as it could. As I waited for the car’s interior to become nice and toasty, I gazed out of the newly defrosted window. 
Oct 29
fiction challenge: Melted Lines
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    As she sat down in the secluded booth in the corner of the diner, she couldn’t help but stare out the window. Every person that passed by had been given a made-up story by her mind, whether they were a writer or a dancer, they were all unique. She shrugged her coat off and put in her order, smiling at the waitress as she handed over the menu.

As more and more people passed the window, she fell into deep thought. The made-up stories of strangers got her to think of her life, and everything that she needed to do. There were so many decisions needed to be made and things needed to be done that she kept putting off, and she couldn’t ignore them any longer.
Oct 18
fiction challenge: Dancer
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Crowded and hidden, Cassandra was never in the front. She was always kept in the back, like a lost gem trying to shine its way through the darkness. She danced elegantly, as beautifully as she could, never once failing to do what was asked of her. In her eyes, she was the obvious choice for the lead in every show she did. There was no one better than her, except that’s not what the directors thought. The directors always pushed her into the back, locking her into a place where she couldn’t shine. Her glow was dampened and thrown aside every time she danced, but that wouldn’t stop her. One day she would find someone who would recognize her gleaming talent and give her the recognition that she deserved. Today was not that day, so for now she would stay in the back, shining has hard as she could.
Oct 15
fiction challenge: Skirts
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It was October, but Margo was still wearing short summer skirts. She loved the way that the cold autumn breeze brushed her skin, leaving raised bumps in its wake. The dewey grass danced along her ankles while she walked, leaving water droplets behind on her skin. Her shoes were often ruined and stained, only being further damaged by the carelessness of her demeanor. Walking wherever she pleased often granted her ruined clothing, but she didn’t care. As long as Margo was on an adventure, anything could happen and she could still be content with her life.The only thing that mattered was having an exciting life and living everyday to the fullest.
Oct 08
fiction challenge: Magnificent
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The sky

Sometimes she wished that she could touch the sky, never like this though. She always thought that the clouds would feel like cotton candy, and the air would breeze past her skin so perfectly that it left goosebumps in its wake. She thought the moon would say hello, and the stars would shine in a way that spoke to her soul, or that the sun would be there to greet her in the early mornings when it woke. She had wanted to live in the sky her whole life, just not like this. Not in a way that meant she could never go back to feeling the grass beneath her feet, or hear the chatter of people as they walked through the streets. She wished she could take her wish back and live among the people again, but it was too late for that. She was stuck up here now and there was no way to go back. It wasn’t anything like what she wished upon herself, but even now she couldn’t deny that she had never seen anything more magnificent in her life.