Nov 15
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Our Grinch may steal snow this Christmas

Our Grinch may steal snow this coming December 25th.
He sat me down to vent about the world that's gone amiss.
Our Grinch has been so taxed by smoke that he, too, has turned grey.
His vibrant green and moistened fur has withered all away.
He's never been an angry man and nor was he so last night.
Quite frankly, I've never seen our Grinch looking as affright.
He spoke about our droughts out west,
how they had been a plea.
He spoke about the weeping ocean,
of children like Irene.
He wants this world to notice all the wake-up calls he brings.
He needs us to pay attention to how differently he sings.
Our Grinch had hope that we would see the damage we have caused,
but we have been too ignorant and looked beyond our flaws.
We've raced into a world that we are not prepared to manage.
Our Grinch becomes the one that has to carry all the damage.
He can no longer hold it back,
Oct 18
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Hurt and hurt again,
feeling less alive,
struck down by those who taught me,
In what means I should survive. 
"lay low and feel the pressure",
as I walk with shoes in hand,
tiptoeing around the little world,
unsure of where to land.
I became weak and shaky,
Less and less discreet indeed,
it was then that you had spot me,
curled up and like a tumble weed.
i didn't know at first,
what would be right or wrong,
you made me feel so good inside,
a way I haven't felt in long.
i opened my heart up to you,
and you opened up my eyes,
this little world that frightened me,
was just wearing a disguise.
You taught me how to live along,
the many pressures we had faced,
and once I had awakened,
my bounds became unlaced.
It was only you who could,
and as hard as I may try,
I cannot fight the love I feel,
that would be a lie.

Oct 18
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Car breaks

Oct 18
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Three things

There are three things in this world,
I might know for certain,
one may start by knowing that,
you can't live behind the curtain.
the more you might pretend to be,
the more that they might add,
you cannot live in fear my dear,
for that just makes me sad.

the second is an easy one,
it's ok to make mistakes,
you might've heard — here or there,
but it's only true if it takes.
don't live in regret of what's been done,
look forward after back,
you might end up — if not forgiving,
following a repeat track.

the last thing I might really know,
only lived to learned, 
is that it might,
be just OK,
to stand between a herd.
Everyone is different,
So no matter what they say,
stand strong against the altered you,
and be your truth for yet another day. 

Oct 11
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They think it’s gross

Whistle while the clock ticks,
only so they might never hear,
if ever you're off pitch.

Hold your breath when hiking,
they all feel the same in fact,
only pathetic people pant,
and they of course- 
would never be doing that.

make sure you know they hate snot,
if ever you may have to sneeze,
they'd hate to see too much of that,
so stick around with me.

I couldn't care less,
If you were a human being,
even if it's a little "odd" per say,
it's never off with me.

I often wonder,
if they really feel the way they do,
about the very human things,
that don't bother me and you.

maybe it's been told to them;
don't do this and that,
or maybe they don't really know,
WE never gave a crap.


Sep 29
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It hurts to see empty space,
the chairs around you quietly begging,
begging to do better,
to be more attractive,
more interesting,
to just say something.
but yet-
anything that comes out,
it sounds wrong,
or it doesn't,
and it sounds funny,
or nice,
or complements their hair.
but it's not ennough,
because I'm not trying.
im just akward matter,
taking up social space,
im not anti-social,
I love people,
I want friends,
im a good friend.
but yet I'm uninteresting.
No matter how hard I try,
I only talk in shades of grey,
im not blue
or red,
even the purples find eachother.
but grey will only be known,
it won't be cherished,
it won't be tied to anything,
it won't be the best friend.
grey is only the aquantence. 
grey is all I've ever been.

Sep 21
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Kindness mourning

I don't believe you know me,
id recognize your taste.
you must've just mistaken me,
for the girl with freckles on her face.

I saw her around yesterday,
shining glee and delight.
for I am only gloomy,
Darkness compared to light.

she's magic I might add,
good at wearing kindness capes,
she might just be,
the only one,
who's let me go escape.

im her biggest foe;
We dance like moon and sun, 
when I show up,
she disappears,
and the show has just begun. 

Sep 19
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A strangers safe

If I was just a friend,
id tell myself it's ok to cry,
it's ok to wonder about;
if you're gonna be alright. 

If I was just my father,
I'd try my very best.
Emotions just confuse me,
but a hug would settle the rest.

if I was just a counselor,
id listen and convey,
what do you think that you should do?
maybe, look the other way?

If I became my mother, 
I'd wish her pain away.
I'd struggle knowing that she hurts,
but love her all the same.

maybe what I wish the most,
is for someone I don't know.
A stranger to console me,
just give them a little show.

maybe a third party,
soneone just to listen in-
lets be real,
I just might not, 
know how I even feel. 

I think if I were a stranger,
I might be somebody's safe,
a secret in,
they let it out,
And I send it off to space. 


Sep 14
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My Fault

Is it my fault you looked?
that I "gave you reason to",
from what I see,
the only blame,
Shifts from me to you.

it's uncomfortable to think,
that one could say so easily,
that I was wrong,
that you were right,
And justify the "sleazy".

I should be able to breathe,
think and bend and move,
Without the thought of you.

For when you say "I asked for it",
did you even think?
i don't want it,
never did,
without a single blink.

but no because I wore a shirt,
That fits my body well,
it wasn't baggy or promiscuous,
but in your mind for ME to tell.

Maybe it's my genetic composition,
My nature-given curves,
that make you so uncomfortable,
and get under your nerves.

Sep 10
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My good old Pontiac Grand Prix,
the first thing I had,
my first big thing,
my car,

No matter how many people tell me
she's worthless or old,
she's priceless to me.

I remember the first day I bought her,
cash in hand,
listening about her past,
biggest smile.

The first pothole I hit,
the sorrow and pat on her dash,
asking for forgiveness (and she did).

The long nights driving,
killing time,
just venting to her.

that's good old Syd,
Syd because she kinda looks like
Sid the Sloth ... (just look it up, 2004),
but she knows me better than anyone.

She's more than I could've ever asked for,
a first car,
a life lesson,
a window into the best
and the worst moments,
a memorable ride.