Sep 19
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A strangers safe

If I was just a friend,
id tell myself it's ok to cry,
it's ok to wonder about;
if you're gonna be alright. 

If I was just my father,
I'd try my very best.
Emotions just confuse me,
but a hug would settle the rest.

if I was just a counselor,
id listen and convey,
what do you think that you should do?
maybe, look the other way?

If I became my mother, 
I'd wish her pain away.
I'd struggle knowing that she hurts,
but love her all the same.

maybe what I wish the most,
is for someone I don't know.
A stranger to console me,
just give them a little show.

maybe a third party,
soneone just to listen in-
lets be real,
I just might not, 
know how I even feel. 

I think if I were a stranger,
I might be somebody's safe,
a secret in,
they let it out,
And I send it off to space. 


Sep 14
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My Fault

Is it my fault you looked?
that I "gave you reason to",
from what I see,
the only blame,
Shifts from me to you.

it's uncomfortable to think,
that one could say so easily,
that I was wrong,
that you were right,
And justify the "sleazy".

I should be able to breathe,
think and bend and move,
Without the thought of you.

For when you say "I asked for it",
did you even think?
i don't want it,
never did,
without a single blink.

but no because I wore a shirt,
That fits my body well,
it wasn't baggy or promiscuous,
but in your mind for ME to tell.

Maybe it's my genetic composition,
My nature-given curves,
that make you so uncomfortable,
and get under your nerves.

Sep 10
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My good old Pontiac Grand Prix,
the first thing I had,
my first big thing,
my car,

No matter how many people tell me
she's worthless or old,
she's priceless to me.

I remember the first day I bought her,
cash in hand,
listening about her past,
biggest smile.

The first pothole I hit,
the sorrow and pat on her dash,
asking for forgiveness (and she did).

The long nights driving,
killing time,
just venting to her.

that's good old Syd,
Syd because she kinda looks like
Sid the Sloth ... (just look it up, 2004),
but she knows me better than anyone.

She's more than I could've ever asked for,
a first car,
a life lesson,
a window into the best
and the worst moments,
a memorable ride.

Sep 09
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When I stopped myself in time

When I stopped myself in time,
I watched a thousand lives,
A thousand separate paths
Of bees from different hives.

One stood behind the counter,
one by the bathroom door,
others knew what they had next,
others not so sure.

A midnight timecapstle 
of the corners open station,
Some seemed all too aware,
and freaked out by sanitation.

Others were distracted,
A girl staring at her phone,
many didn't like the way,
the door let out a moan.

some seemed to be in pain,
others had a limp,
the sleepy child wearing braids,
the elder smelled like mint.

Now maybe this is creepy,
maybe it's a little weird,
but when I stopped myself in time,
I saw through,
and life became unsheared.

Maybe the child was just tired,
that's why she made a fuss,
the lady just really hungry,
that's why I heard her cuss,

Jul 26
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The familiar unfamiliar,
she washes thought away.
Rational never helps you,
when she's tapping with her cane.

echos through a tunnel,
Or maybe many rabbit holes,
she never speaks a word to me,
so I guess you'll never know.

long and silky locks,
whiping back by ghostly wind.
her hair is futures blindfold,
leading darkness is her sin.

she is meant to darken paths,
To throw us off when we are low.
she's meant to do the things,
other things could never even know.

without her we may stay here,
in this dark and mindless place.
but instead I chose to frighten her,
with a light upon my face.

the unfamiliar that comes and goes,
as much as she may try,
could never let me lose myself,
a sight that stays without my eyes.

as long as I am breathing,
I fight to see a day,
one where I might know familiar,

Jun 02
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Tonight I can't sleep,
I haven't written in a while,
my canvas laid blank,
awoken from insomnia.

the train gave me muse,
the sound of horns through my fan,
at midnight,
like singing angels,
still so clear in my mind,
I had to blink twice into reality.

the limbo of late and too late, 
so close to dreams,
although recently they're nightmares,
I wish to dream of singing angels. 

I feel dull for past days, 
Anticipation of the world around me,
some lively part of fate,
that seems to only stay quiet. 

I wonder if the world talks,
but through fans,
In distorted pitch or muffled song,
I wonder if the world talks to me,
through dreams.

The ones that sit in my memory,
the ones that wake me at night,
those ones may be the world, 
calling my name through the dark,
fate in muffled song.



Mar 14
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I can build an empire,
and no not concouring land,
I can craft in my mind,
leave the physical behind,
and build it entirely by hand.

I can climb Mt Everest,
and no not like Edman Hillary,
beyond the incline,
through depths of my mind,
I'll gear up and head up the line.

I can do just about anything,
become the best type of me,
if I focus my thoughts,
do anything I want,
theres nothing that I cant be. 

Mar 14
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Ocean Ends

Wonder the world once more, 
breath lily pinks and sky blues,
blend in rough oaks of earth,
climb through the caverns darkness,
Just to wonder a last time.

See the beauty in rock mountains,
the sparkle in spring lakes,
a snowbuilt white forest,
sitting on the docks of deep water.

When you reach the end of the dock,
the tempation to swim, 
the black ocean end,
just look once more,
feel a last time,
tickle your nose with a last sniff,
wonder the worlde once more,
thats when you know its ok to expore the ocean. 

Mar 10
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Skinny Dreams

It's the stone cold feeling of ecstasy,
the speckled lights and thin hair,
Skinny arms skinny dreams,
When my skin turns snow fair.

it's a simple solution,
an effortless plan,
wasting away waist,
for one look from a man,

it's the first pound,
the tenth,
Her whisper that I can do more,
My body is weak,
but my mind aims to score.

it's the feeling of light,
the knowledge of drive,
It's the wonder I willed,
Somethibg I brought alive.

but now it's the what,
it's the judgment again,
it's her screams to do more,
it's the words of a friend.

but it's effortless,
it works...

It's not enough,
it's dangerous,
it's broken,
it's taken too far,
it's harming,
it's starving. 


Feb 01
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Breaking displaced designation,
a spot only they chose us to be,
all scared alone,
No perfect home,
all kinds of things crazy.

ruptured hopes of the past,
blasted onto child's skin,
The world is round,
My heads complex,
yet my tethered string is thin.

they want direction,
common sense,
 who've lived a different world.

a picture perfect reminisce,
The hopes they had uncurled,
my body is a waiting game,
a toy for all lost dreams,
Not complying is the way to shame,
yet I belong to me.