Jan 25
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Life is disappointing,
the very word itself,
it's learned to be all good and gold,
From a story on the shelf.

but I know better then to spread,
the words of hurt and cry,
my knowledge is that no matter what,
Were meant to live and die.

Imaginary expectations,
a simple smile and a pose,
When I feel down I like to think,
it's a life I never chose.  

I wish I wouldve known,
on my own first light of day,
that the wish I want always sticks,
It'll never go away.

Feeling good can turn to bad,
And you can never just feel good
the moral of the story is,
That no one ever should. 

Jan 25
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A fear,
more when I don't know why,
the jitters become so fast that I appear still,
sound so loud it all goes quiet.
Breath so shallow I might not be breathing.
I may have slipped so fast,
so slow,
that I don't know what's happening.
Thoughts become a rainforest of creatures,
while brain muttled with black inc.
My body just reacts to action,
But my feet are steered right and left,
back and forward.
right and left,
back and forward,
a pattern that seems to be all I can manage,
And nothing I can do all at the same time.
A fear.

Jan 25
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Sometimes I feel trapped,
sinking deep into myself,
By choice I let the penny drop,
just to see how far the bottom is,
And then I hold regret.

The feeling of uncertainty,
knowing that when it hits cold stone,
Noise will echo through my bones, 
but instead it's silent.

I feel myself sink further into the ground,
Clawing away from the glinting copper,
Call it self distruction,
But it's the fear of wishes.

It's every promise thats been broken,
striking in my stomach like steel to flint,
but instead of passion fires,
it's a slow and unforgiven burn.

I feel the heat in my core,
slowly churning me brain dead,
untill all I can wish for,
is to never have dropped the penny. 

Jan 25
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I would hope to be blind,
I know I would hope to feel something more then sight,
becauce even the most beautiful can't be seen at night.

I would hope to humble my senses,
not looking where nothings to find,
It would be when I truly felt it,
that I knew a moment mine.

I know through my eyes beholding,
that kindness will reign high,
for the beauty that deceived me,
will mearly turn and twist trough darkness that is mine.

I guess I couldn't say,
the shollow waters that prevail,
I hope to know when I am blind,
The world becomes less stale. 
Jan 25
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The future of past

The moment that you snuck into my heart
with your soft and soundless socks,
it was breathless, 
without a second thought.

I had felt the world had called me,
an ode to isolation.
I imagined you long before,
but would never hold the flashlight.

It was you who stood under stars,
patent posture in your pose.
Through all the rough and wicked,
I was something that you chose.

No beauty in the reflection I saw,
but you dragged the tide low,
let me gaze at what was dangerous
about my strong and truth-filled glow. 

You helped me learn to see myself,
before knowing who you were.

So once I stood upon the night,
holding my flashlight strong and tight,
I saw your face through darkness.
I should've known,
I should've seen,
All along it had been just simply he. 

Jan 23
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Unorthodox fear

His large first impression,
a man of the trees,
The giant I speak of,
not too hard to please.

he's the star of night terrors,
Tremmer to young minds,
but large body about him,
shows a soul through kind eyes.

he lives more afraid,
then any would see,
a body too big,
for the soul that is he.

his posture is slouched,
his head hung low,
he's learned that world likes,
when he has less to show.  

many are scared,
feightning to think,
that the terror within them,
only makes his heart sink.

His genuine is demolished,
through size 15 feet,
but be much rest assured,
he's a friend you can't beat. 


Jan 19
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Impossible challenges

Structure and habit,
the gold of all mines,
most say I have it,
others state me blind.

my passions and goals,
are impossible to meet,
but teaching myself,
is a skill I can't beat.

I set my standard high,
higher then most,
work ethic and drive,
never reaching my post.

but for me it's purpose,
why not have a challenge?
if life becomes easy,
my mind is unbalanced. 

without going easy,
you'd be surprised to find,
it's not a hard life,
it's a life learned to shine.

Jan 12
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I don't love myself,
not my typical length hair,
my thin pale lips,
not my bitten down fingernails.

I don't love my body,
my long but bulky legs,
or my largely carved nose,
the way my feet stand crooked.

I wish I loved what I see in the mirror,
but I don't, and that's okay,
I'm working on it.

What I truly love about myself,
is the way I think of rain,
the sad Earth making its sorrows known.

The way I know the frogs will dance,
maybe a waltz with Mrs. Frog, 
the way the desert only longs for it,
how my old rainboots start to smile.

The way I love when it rains,
when it snows,
when a stranger walks in the dark,
how I wonder about life,
that's what I love most about myself,
the way my mind wanders.


Jan 12
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The Poet Of Me

I may not be great,
but I am a poet.

My mind escapes my thoughts in jumbles,
uneven rhymes,
                 Messy couplets,

but I am a poet.

I don't always fancy what write,
but I write to be free,
some people don't like it,
that's easy to see. 

but my mind doesn't make sense,
that's the beauty of poetry,
my thoughts are my own,
your minds are beyond me.

like all easy metaphors,
a bird or a tree,
my freedom and strength,
It's personal to me. 

Jan 12
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Examine life

Socrates once said,
"the unexamined life is not worth living".
and this resonates in my bones,
my very existence is a question.

why not explore,
question the very thing that molds me,
my experience is all but one,
but what if I had two,
what if I could question every question.

I can live an entire life without learning,
or I could learn an entire life,
neither will bring me all knowledge.

but living an examined existence,
will at least be worth life, 
will be peaceful death.