Jan 11
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Fated to lie dead,
not dead now,
while I walk I dream,
but why do I dream?

im fated to die,
but now I must live,
Dreams to reality,
life is Undefetable.

Doing what's wanted,
what I want to do,
I could do anything,
so why do I stay?

I can be here,
I could be there,
it's whatever I make it,
life is whatever I make it.
Jan 10
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In my Peaceful state of wondering,
of mind wondering and stirring,
Blissfully I wonder.

I wonder what the trees think,
how the squirrels spend alone time,
Why the birds sing like they do.

My beaming brain searching,
searching for its most knowledgeable,
most expandable subjects,
countless interpretations.

It never stops,
and I think that's beautiful,
the magic of my mind,
always wondering. 
Jan 10
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A ticket for one,
a ticket for two,
most nights I'm alone,
and others are new.

no matter the party,
no mater the size,
I know I'm alone,
with thoughts in disguise.

I like it this way,
more merry to me,
I can think what I want,
and they just let me be.

the secret of knowing,
Your outsides within,
is the strangest of hope
you can share with your kin.
Jan 10
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Who am I?

Some people want to race,
others to stop,
my brain is still spinning,
my body is not.

my eyes want the world,
my feet want the ground,
my fingers a blanket,
my ears some sound.

my transposed oppositions,
my body's ying-yang,
my thoughts always winding,
The wind just the same.

and others might know,
just who they are,
I do and I don't,
but I shoot for the stars.
Jan 04
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Our love isn't measured in maybes or possiblys,
our love isn't tracked by the moments of poverty,
our love is a fire that's smothered by rocks,
A long nosed hairy beast,
a Child with chalk.
our love can be anything,
Anything told,
a beginning an end,
a star or a rock,
but it shouldn't be measured like the foot  of a sock.
Jan 03
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Not in the fate of all but one, 
crys for power that she had string,
while in the words of hurt and pain,
she set them off and made me rain.

Her painful jabs and spiteful lies,
became rivers flowing from my lonly eyes,
the eyes of me who always crys,
a disterbed mind who yerns for peace,
always shaken out from underneith.

The only hope held in empy dreams,
dreams that simply let me sleep,
escaped from one terror to the next, 
prayed on by those who know me best.

When your only hope is to be at ease,
the life you live is incomplete,
for i am only one who wants,
the simple life without scares and haunts,
a stable life and only calm,
but she would never think to know,
that the demons she sends come out at dawn.

Maybe im to sensitive,
walls breaking easy; ice too thin,
or maybe my life is worth more then this,
not in her book, 
Dec 25
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I don't fall easily in love,
I don't leave my tower often.
Every time I speak to the sea,
I bury my heart in a coffin.

One day I spoke with a sailor,
a day the wind was blowing hard,
his words had done their job to bewitch me,
and my heart played into his hands like a card.

I fell deep into the salted sea,
as we explored the great deep mines,
the water dissolved my buriers away,
and his mind wrapped around me like vines.

Part of me was smitten,
part of me was scared,
part of me wished that I didn't,
and I thought about if he had never cared.

I have a lesson to learn about love.
It may end in sadness and surprise,
but the truth of sharing one life with two,
is beautiful without waiting for lies. 

Dec 17
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I wait for the world to end.
I wait because I know it'll happen,
I wait because I fear losing,
I wait because I do.

My world is everything Wanted,
The hopes and dreams I hold.
A beautiful sight,
when what you have crumbles.

prove me right,
prove that I am a Tragic comedy,
prove that my prophicy is set,
unlike Odysseus and Cassandra,
I will not defy.

because when my fate becomes true,
I will have known it whole,
and maybe thats fearfull living,
But what else?

Dec 17
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Its the thing that stops,
minds turn into a wasteland,
buzzing burns bodies to the core,
like the waiting of yellowstone,
anticipating erruption. 


Illusions of the past dressed up,
Just a t-shirt.
wearing a small problem reality,
but hiding daggers. 


Its the distracted thoughts,
the waves of trauma,
the nothing else above,
the drive for escape. 

Dec 01
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Imagine the roads had no more lines,
books words were all in german,
The sun left behind the yellow,
And barrels all ran out of bourbon.

Imagine the stop lights became purple, 
The morning started at night,
Mother’s ran with wild horses,
And pigs flew around like kites.

It’s not that this would happen,
But the frantic idea that it would,
For why should all stay the same,
Just because someone says it should.

If money wasn’t worth a dime,
But monkeys all could sing,
The world might be in havoc,
And the view would be a funny thing.

For minds are made of sponges,
They seek challenge brought to light,
And to close minded individuals,
A poem such like this is just not quite right.