Feb 05

Yelling Out Our Dreams

Feb 02

The Great Outdoors

Jan 28
poem challenge: Teenager

Feeling Alive But...

Splish, Splosh
The paint goes,
Dripping from the canvas, onto the floor.
The paint swirled with the others, making new colors…
That feeling of warmth in your heart.
Excited that it all came out the way you wanted…
Inspiration from the world around, each color, shape, and movement.
All intertwining with each other to make that final product.
The influence of making my dreams come to life, showing the people of this world that “I can do anything I set my mind to.”
I come home, run up the stairs, ready to start a new piece…
Then, the disappointment on my parents' faces- as my grades aren’t good…
Then comparing me to my siblings or cousins, “They have good grades, they can do these things. Why not you..?
Exactly, THEM, not ME… We are entirely different people, in different “Worlds” that we live in…
Constantly feeling exhausted and unmotivated, constantly making jokes about others around me.
Jan 27


I wish you could understand how I felt,

When a comment was made about me, or a joke…

When I wanted to feel praised for doing something I loved…

When I would feel exhausted after a long day.

When I didn’t want to be compared to others.

When I didn’t want to do sports…

When I wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation…

When I wanted you both to see the world in color, not black and white…

When I wanted the fighting to stop…

When we got out of that situation.

When I wanted to cry…

When I wanted to be mad..

When you made jokes about the friends that were there for me…

When I had a bad day and didn't want to talk about it…
I want to live a life, without having to deal with snarky looks if I feel something, or be able to cry without everyone asking me questions 24/7…
Why can’t you understand that…?

Jan 26

“You are nothing but a little kid..”

I race, breathing heavily with each passing moment.
Ready to cross that finish line, showing them I can do it…
But, of course, life mocks me again- as I trip in the dirt my legs scrapped raw,
It hurts so bad but I must keep going. 
I push myself inch by inch closer to the finish line, my body screaming… 
“I can do it… I have to do it…”
I fall again-
However, time stopped right then and there…
I was the only one who couldn’t move while everyone else could.
My body is finally able to rest and tumbles.
Everything was quiet until I began to cry…
It hurt so bad, everything was aching, screaming in pain.
But I have to do this, or what everyone said about me will be true. 
“You are weak, pathetic, and just a little kid…”
I stop crying.
I accept it's okay to cry. 
To feel weak at times.
I will still do my best. 
Jan 18

A Cold, Snowy Day

The sun was cold, shining through the winter air and onto the glistening snow.
I cold air circled all around me,
It was cold, but nice.
The small snowflakes started to fall down,
as they did they fell into my silky brown hair,
melting slowly from my body heat.
Standing there, just breathing in the clear air.
All the trees covered with snow,
until one snaps.
Snowy mist fading into the air,
blowing, and swirling all around me.
Reaching my hand out,
a snowflake falls on my glove.
I can see every small detail,
as if it was carved by the gods.
I looked back at the snowy hill before I began to walk away.
It looked so beautiful.
Jan 17

I’m (Not) Fine

I sit on my bed alone, 
Watching nothing but my hands folding upwards towards my chest.
My legs crossed towards myself,
As if I’m stuck in a small invisible box.
Staying up so late just thinking.
The voices ringing inside my head, 
“It’s not worth it, go back.”
 “Why are you still here…”
“Stop being so weak…”
“It’s so easy..”
“You’ll never be good enough..”
My hands on my head, trying not to focus on the words.
Stop.. stop..
The silence breaking from the sobs,
The tears streaming down my face.
The following morning seeing my friends faces, 
All asking me if I’m okay..
But of course instead of letting it out I keep it in.
I fake a smile, and the following words leave my mouth.
“I’m fine…”
Jan 11


The leaves crunch under my feet, 

The wind blows in my face,

The air feels cold.

I hear the engines starting-

People waiting for their car to warm up.

My hands are freezing,

I see the hot air when I blow.

My face stained pink from the cold.

My lips chapped dry.

The snow falling down,

Is beautiful…
Jan 11

What I want...

6-7 years old, and all would say “You’re so cute and young!” and “Be happy that you’re younger.” However I was never happy being younger, I would envy the older kids who could climb the monkey bars, and could be on the taller swings.

8-9 years old, and all would say “You're so pretty!” and “Your dresses are so pretty!” However, I was never happy with that. I didn’t want to wear dresses anymore, and I wanted to fit in. While I was stuck wearing dresses all the other kids would wear jeans and T-shirts.

10-11 years old, and all would say “You need to start acting your age.” and “Why don’t you wear dresses anymore.” However despite my efforts, everyone would still treat me like I was not a person- like a doll you can just dress however you want.
Jan 07
opinion challenge: Rights


What is wrong with this world?

This world is supposed to be a place where people can go to school, live their lives, go to their job, and BE THEMSELVES and yet still-
People die.
People are wronged.
People are looked down on...
People are scared.
-Not long ago women and people of different color weren’t allowed to speak their mind- weren’t allowed to have a voice or opinion on anything. Now there’s another thing that society looks down on- being a different gender than you were “born” and liking or not liking the opposite gender, just being DIFFERENT.
Sadly, this is how society is- they pick things to mock or look down on, and just flat out hurt people in the most ways possible. Not even having the tiniest bit of sympathy for how they might feel if that was happening to them.