Mar 24
poetry challenge: Great Poets
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Emulation Poem Inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s “If I Was Dead”

If I was dead

My shoulders limp and cold

Like loaves of bread

Left outside to mold
Or buried,

Six feet under this soil

I would tuck myself in

And try not to spoil
If I was dead, 

Whether I slept or I bled

I would still wish for life

Or to live my life twice
I wouldn’t wish anyone to their deathbed

Because I would be empty,
If I was dead

Jan 27
poetry challenge: Lifeline
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An Ode To Trees

A lifeline for our planet trees offer themselves as a service and a tool
Trees give us the oxygen we need and keep our atmosphere cool

Trees stand with authority growing and spreading over time
Digging their roots into mother earth as they stand in a bark wrapped spine

Trees can replace their fallen ancestors so we make them fall (timber)
Using lumber to craft and make fires rise tall

Trees babysit chicks until they spread their wings and fly
In December we dress them from head to stump so they glow at night

Trees drip of sap, drop their nourishing fruit and cast a big blanket of shade
Each tree’s beauty is unique, nothing that could be clumsily man-made

Branches sway and rock as the morning dew glistens
A tree doesn’t speak, just stands and peacefully listens

Trees have known this earth much longer than humans’ time
The way we trash and pollute their sacred land is a crime