Aug 30
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Alphabet Fruit

see this world fold into the next

dog-eared mountaintops

shaded spine valley

page as unending, unheeding landscape

rich fertile soil bearing alphabet fruit

picked, eaten, digested, divulged

a path opens in the foliage

– a beginning, a title

Aug 20
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computer screen

moonlight river 
celestial serenade 
greedy corpses dance between starlit rooftops
footfall silence of aching movement
cruel patter of rain and disease
mind like body like tool
cruel in kind places
sharp in soft places
effigy of umber and flesh and warmth and rot
and all scurrying from sunlight

bloated beasts of treacherous trenches
fickle fish of stranger kinds
poisoned fruit--hidden snake
washed by weary wielding waves
carried by human hands
sea turned shivering shore
shore into endless writhing
Jun 01
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The Death of a Boy

May 19
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What's Left Behind

in the shape of a person
            falling to the tenderness 
of bruised knees

            tears just
water that you can hold
            and the palms chafed dry
with salt

            to love
is always to forget
            to cherish water
in the rain

teardrops as if they were flowers
            crumpling into 
May 17
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Walking Backwards

            always between cigarette smoke & the copper twang 
            of blood. pulling out teeth because you liked the taste--the way
            you knew it all owned you to the bone.

The fact is you
were once a person but
now a child--you once
knew how to live, but forgot.

            you knew yourself too well and never any at all. playing music
            to your own twisting heartbeat but never stopping to wonder
            what that meant. we just take it all & find a way through.

Plunging into 
your own open mouth
and the wants that
followed you.

            if only you knew then that you never had to give yourself 
            to the back alleys & crossroads (to the shortcuts). if only i had
            told you then that the tears were sweeter than the blood.

But you are a child
& there is no shame
May 16
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Spitting Blood

Who are the ones that dance
through fields of broken glass
and shattered sun? Who are 
the ones that spit out sorrow 
like used blood? Somewhere
between here & there (& you)
I lost myself in dreams--in the faces
that stared back at me through
glowing pains. Until one day 
I woke up to a mouthful of blood,
 & a name I remembered ringing 
in my ears (beauty).  & so I went,
running, jumping, twisting, never
letting pain hold me down, never
letting the weariness stop my feet
from trampling sharpened glass. We 
dance and dance until the sunset
--until one day the sky breaks open &
we fall into rust.
I will love it again all the same.
May 07
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What I wish I had known

         Words to my dear friend


as if you could 
          outrun time
as if the high
          gave you wings

because you 
          hated that you 
saw yourself 
          when i cried


Cynical--that was you. You never could quite fit 
into what happy should mean--what you figured

it should mean (what someone had told you
it should mean)--& so you lay

in the road and waited for something to happen.
You were scared of what that meant, scared

that loneliness could follow you into the dark, that it
preys even when you can’t see your own

fraying hands in front of you. You never
wondered if maybe we were all just hurting

people, beaten & bruised, flattened, scraping ourselves
off the smoldering asfalt because we should

enjoy the sun (another thing 
Apr 21
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Midnight Epiphany

An ember burns at 
the end of a knife, only bright
enough to show the blood
dripping down it’s edge.

and yet still we remain 
careless. The way a child
tempts the candle’s bite
with a passing finger. The way
we love nothing because 
in the end darkness
proves the same. We push
through the past as if
it were cloth—as if
it too was not a curtain 
blocking out ourselves.
Apr 09
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Low Tide

Apr 09
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Rainy Morning

This morning 
The clouds lie low
Tangled among the crooked pines
Framing the mountains
In their ghostly web

This morning
The sleepy rain
Falls with the drone of a fly 
And the clouds wait
For a beating heart
To fall from the sky
Ensnared in their beauty